Tim Fischer

Tim Fischer (* 12. March 1973 in Delmenhorst) is a German Chansonnier and actor.

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Fischer visited the free Rudolf Steiner School in Oldenburg. He discovered the chanson quite early. Coined/shaped by the film lily Marleen of Rainer Werner barrel binder he began to hear Chanson plates.

the beginning

at the age of 15 years arose to Tim Fischer first time before larger public. In Oldenburg its first appearances took place. A Schulfreundin accompanied it at the piano.

Hamburg years

with 17 years Tim Fischer went to Hamburg. He worked in the Schmidt theatre and began to develop its career as Chansonnier.

citizen of Berlin years

1991 pulled it it to Berlin. Its admittingness grew. By its appearances on the television (among other things: NDR Talkshow) it became a still larger public admits. With the musicians Rainer Bielfeldt and Thomas Dörschel and the managers Peter Hahn and Carsten Werner compiled Tim Fischer beside many small art stages and a large fan municipality in Germany, Switzerland and Austria also many city theatres and large concert halls as effect place, turned films (among other things with Werner Schroeter) and participated in radio plays. Its first CDs produced it in the middle - of the 90's with radio Bremen. In the year 2003 he was to be seen to the pool of broadcasting corporations in a Nebenrolle in Leander of house man film Mr. Lehmann (filming of the novel of Sven Regener), last at the end of of 2005 in a “scene”. Tim Fischer engages itself much for the AIDS assistance in Africa.


Tim Fischer took up various plates:

  • Tim Fischer - rain
  • Tim Fischer sings Kreisler
  • Tim Fischer - Walzerdelirium
  • Tim Fischer - Romeo's Seance
  • Tim Fischer - baby Boy
  • Tim Fischer - Songs against AIDS
  • Tim Fischer - live one on the Reeperbahn
  • Tim Fischer - Herrchens Frauchen & Rolf Claussen - anything is not not possibly
  • Tim Fischer - from blue glass
  • of Tim Fischer live one/songs of a poor girl
  • Tim Fischer - chanson
  • Tim Fischer - Duette
  • Tim Fischer - well like that which
  • Tim Fischer -… and have me gladly
  • Tim Fischer - if the love goes out
  • Tim Fischer - rains

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