Tim Mälzer

Tim Mälzer

Tim Mälzer (* 22. January 1971 in Elmshorn) is not partner of the restaurant the white house in Hamburg quarters the Övelgönne and cook in the television broadcast tastes gibt's not.

After the Abitur in Pinneberg, civil service in the district hospital of Pinneberg and a theory in Hamburg hotels the Intercontinental (from 1992 to 1995) was Mälzer two years for training at the Londoner hotel cuts. After stations in the Londoner Neal Street restaurant, where at the same time also at that time still unknown Jamie of olive was employed, and that Hamburg restaurants board house, Café angel and aluminium Quai he transferred the white house in the museum port in August 2002 with his partner Christian lacing.

Since December 2003 it does not present the cook ending tastes gibt's not on VOX. Its style resembles that of other young television cooks such as Jamie of olive or Ralf Zacherl.

Since that 16. December 2004 belongs to Mälzer to the skeleton crew of the transmission Johannes B. Kerner - cooking with Kerner, which is radiated weekly on Fridays in the evening.


Mälzer did not receive honors the golden camera in the category hearing reader choice “best cook show” for tastes, gibt's not.

At the end of April to open Tim the upper port cafeteria in Hamburg port: The lunch held in the style north German clinker expressionism is the last „coffee flap “of the city. If traditional deftige house man food with Buletten, roll is served, pot and potato salad. Nix Espresso and capuccino - filter coffee is announced.

The shop schmeissen becomes Tims nut/mother Christa. „Mummy Mälzer “and their team will continue to lead „the OHK “completely in the sense of the Hamburg Urgesteins Anita.

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