Tine Wittler

Christine “Tine” Wittler (* 2. April 1973 in Rahden/Westphalia) is a German book authoress and television host.

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Tine Wittler studied culture and communication sciences in Lueneburg and Glamorgan and began as TV-Redakteurin since 1998 for different formats (e.g. To work “BRAVO TV”). In the year 2002 it published its debut novel “the princess and the refuge”; 2003 appeared nearly at the same time that successor Oman “REFUGE GO HOME!” as well as “parallel world”, a novel, in which Tine Wittler concerns itself also from its own experience with the topic unemployment. All three novels play at its residence Hamburg Ottensen. At present Tine Wittler works on its fourth novel.

Since October 2003 it is well-known many viewers as host and Wohnexpertin of the RTL - transmission employment in four walls. To this transmission Tine Wittler published the councellor “employment in 4 walls” (vgs publishing house) in October 2005; a further book of the row presumably appears in May 2006. 2004 open Tine Wittler in Hamburg Altona (north) its bar parallel world, in the autumn 2005 together with that Hamburg Designerin Sabine Hanneger its own fashion and Wohnaccessoirekollektion with the name prallewelt.com on the market brought it.


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