Titanic (magazine)

Titanic-Ausgaben aus den 90er-Jahren
expenditures for titanium IC from the 90's-years

Titanic is a German satire magazine with editorial seat in Frankfurt/Main.

The Titanic was created 1979 by former coworkers of the satire magazine Pardon. The founder fathers such as Robert Gernhardt, F.K. Guards, Hans Traxler and Chlodwig Poth were and the representatives are the new Frankfurt one school.

To the first editorship Lionel belonged van the Meulen (editor-in-chief) and Elsemarie Maletzke. 1983 became Bernd express ore kommissarischer editor-in-chief, and the Satiriker smelling pool of broadcasting corporations of bald, Achim Szymanski and Jörg Metes, as well as the commercial artist Hans-Werner hall field and the Illustrator HannoRink formed the new editorship. Later still Hans pushed edge-ridden in addition with whom together bald and hall field had published the magazine in Hamburg "" Marks & leg "". Balder and edge-ridden finally again Kowalski went "", to Szymanski went there into the advertisement to Hamburg and created the satire magazine "",and Bernd Fritz became first of many rapidly changing editors-in-chief of the Titanic.

It appears today monthly in the titanium IC publishing house in Berlin. Editor-in-chief was from 2000 to 2005 Martin sun fount and is since October 2005 Thomas Gsella. Titanic - the final satire magazine belongsan edition of approximately 88,000 copies beside Eulenspiegel to the largest satire magazines of Germany. Beside caricatures (Greser&Lenz, Kamagurka, Rattelschneck, to booklet No. 8/2004 Bernd Pfarr) are current topics to the daily politics just like the column of letters to the readers and the humor criticisma firm component of the magazine, in the initial years also the column the sieved most embarrassing personalities.

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the Titanic became known also for it, the contentwise and legal borders of satireto plumb by spectacular contributions and actions:

  • Thus did the magazine attain 1988 for the first time country wide attention, as it the editor-in-chief at that time Bernd Fritz into the Second Channel of German Television - transmission bets that.?transferred, that maintained, to be able to recognize the color of colored pencils alone by the taste and this owing to onebring along eye cover, under whose edges it could through-look unnoticed, also created. Still before current cameras the verdutzte moderator Thomas Gottschalk was cleared up.
  • In the year 2000 titanium IC editors manipulated the decision of the world football federation by a fax action with an obviously dilettante bribery attempt over the venue of the soccer world championship 2006: The abstention of the FIFA of New Zealand - representative Charles Dempsey, which was attributed to „the bribery faxes “, led possibly to the fact that Germany received the addition. It was however probably less the offered Kuckucksuhr together with genuine of black forests ham, which induced Dempsey have to change its opinion. Iteven its abstention justified with the fact that it the constant pressure from all sides at the end became too much („This finally fax broke my neck “). The picture newspaper (headline: Bad play against Franz) called thereupon their readers up, their indignation about a telephone number of the titanium IC editorship expression tooprovide, about which these made plentifully use. The insults as „native country traitors “and „Nestbeschmutzer “were published of Titanic afterwards as material satire on CD. The action found a world-wide press echo. The DFB threatened with a demand for payment of damages at a value of 600 million DM, sun fount had an omission explanation to sign.
  • 2002 wanted to bequeath a certain Edmunda Zlep to the minister of economics of Baden-Wuerttemberg at that time Walter DO ring in its will their entire fortune at a value of several million euro. Behind it the titanium IC editorship with its coworker put Edmund fur. Also this inheritance affair met with large response in the press; that DO ringthe swindle had first mounted, it still for a long time during his remaining term of office one charged.

By a postcard action with the title „pear must remain chancellors “coined/shaped Titanic in addition the landläufigen pointed names of the former German Federal Chancellor Helmut Kohl.

To one of the avowed goals of the editorship pointsthe imprint : „The final division of Germany - that is our order. “(Quotation of Chlodwig Poth)

this tries to reach Titanic since 2004 with the help of from their a created PARTY to. Evenly this party participated also in the election to the Bundestag 2005 .

law cases

Each booklet is examined before the publication of the woman barrister Gabriele Rittig. Numerous titanium IC jokes charges and actions to restrain interference of the mostly prominent victims pulled nevertheless. Altogether 40 legal proceedings were exerted from 1979 to 2001 against Titanic and to 28 expenditures were forbidden. Successfully complained among other things Johannes Rau, Friedrich Merz, Benjamin of Stuckrad Barre, Gerhard Zwerenz, Evelyn Künneke, Hans Joachim Kulenkampff and Björn close cross-beam (the compensation payment at a value of 40.000 DM, erstrittene of close cross-beam, Titanic as well as more than 190,000 DM lawyer and legal charges brought to thatEdge of the insolvency).

Helmut Markwort failed against it before court against Titanic, just like eight times the catholic church: Viermal wegen Verunglimpfung des Papstes, dreimal wegen Religionsbeschimpfung und einmal fühlte sich der Bischof von Fulda, Johannes Dyba, beleidigt.

The coworker of many years hitting a corner hard Henscheid the Rezeptions seized - settled experiences of the titanium IC editorship in its book cases (Zurich 1991, S. 201) so together:

„Like constant coworkers since the establishment of the satire journal in the year 1979 to meet know, runs there criticism, Polemik to the right nearly always open doors in such afterleft (or which always holds itself for it) has on the other hand and despite all past didactical exercises of the editorship with blindness, Unverstand, to count reproaches up to the betrayal verdict. “


some Titelkollagen are the far beyond reader circle of the TITANIC admit become and zierentoday poster and/or. Postcards or flowed even into the general vocabulary. To first z belong. B. the picture of the Björn close cross-beam lying instead of Uwe Barschel in a bath tub or the face of Helmut Kohl, in-installed into a Saddam Hussein photo, (May 1991; „Finally peace in thatZone: Kohl sets for poisonous gas " [1]), to the latters in particular the photo proudly a half peeled vegetable cucumber presenting young woman („zone Gaby (17) in the luck (FRG): My first banana “) [2].

Helmut Kohl was about 80 times on the title of the magazine, 1991 even three timesone behind the other.

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