a titular (ore) bishop is a bishop of the catholic or the orthodox church, which to the bishop one geweiht and possibly the title of an archbishop carries, but no genuine Diözese manages.

Titularbischöfe provide their service as bishops, as officials of the Roman Kurie or indiplomatic service of the holy chair (see also Nuntius).

Titularbischöfe are geweiht on the title of a former, today any longer not existing (“lost” ) Diözese. Most of it are appropriate for North Africa and small Asia in areas, which were Christian in late ancient times , today however Islamic are , for example.The Roman-catholic church knows about 2,000 Titularbistümer. These are however never all assigned.


Titularbischof is also because of its liberals the attitude 1995 set off former Diözesanbischof the French Diözese Evreux, Jacques Gaillot. It is now Titularbischof in 5. Century in the desert sand Diözese Partenia in today's Algeria, sunk.

Johannes Dyba was appointed during its time in the Vatikan the Titularerzbischof of Neapolis in Proconsulari. Later it than Diözesanbischof led that Diocese Fulda. Even if it were led by an archbishop, Fulda is not ore diocese. In former times in such cases by the Titularerzbischof its Titularerzbistum beside its Residentialbistum was maintained, since the center 20. Century becomes in such cases however the title “archbishop bishop of N.” lent.

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