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Tobias Vincent Maguire (* 27. June 1975 in Santa Monica, California) is an US-American Filmschauspieler and is considered as one valley-animal-tests its generation.

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childhood and youth

Tobey Maguires parents were still young, i.e. 18 and 20 years, when it was born. Its father Vincent was a cook and left his Mrs. Wendy, a secretary, two yearsafter Tobeys birth.

During its childhood its family pulled much around and lived among other things in California, Oregon and Washington. Tobey wanted to actually become like its father cook, but its nut/mother offered 100 dollar to him, if it instead of thatHousekeeping course to the Highschool the play course would occupy. Tobey accepted the offer and the spark jumped over.

After it after the 9. Class the school finally left, followed appearances in various advertisements and small Nebenrollen in TV serials.

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when pronouncing to “Parenthood” he became acquainted with Leonardo DiCaprio , which became soon one of its best friends.

1992 got Tobey its first main role in the TV serial “Great Scott!” and one year already played later its first role beside DiCaprioand Robert De Niro in the feature “This Boy's would run”. The film brought the break-through to DiCaprio, but Tobey Maguire had to be content still with roles in television films.

Only co-operation with Ang Lee in “the ice storm “, a workover the sexual revolution of the 1970er years, its Filmpartnerin Christina Ricci and it brought 1997 earned success.

Woody everything was of its representation Paul Hood, an easily diagonal character, then it inspires that he Tobey Maguire in “Deconstructing Harry”also a role left, which underlined Maguires gift for calm, juvenile, thoughtful roles.

There were negative headlines, as a director R. D. Crawl the Kurzfilm “Don's Plum”, against which agreement with the leading actors wanted to publish DiCaprio and Maguire. In that spontaneouslyboth actors at a bar had conversed developed film about some disadvantageous topics such as drug consumption.

After this scandal a short appearance in fear and fright followed in read Vegas and the male main role in Pleasantville, before it in Leave resounding Rome OSCAR - premium ores adaptation of John Irvings novel of God work and devil contribution played the role of the Homer Wells beside Michael Caine.

At the latest after this film Maguires call was strengthened as talentierter actors, who he by a further co-operationwith Ang Lee with the civil war drama Ride with the Devil and its role in “Wonder Boys” beside Michael Douglas and Robert Downey Jr. strengthened.

Further roles in price-crowned films such as Seabiscuit , in the Tobey Maguire followed the Jockey talk polling pool of broadcasting corporations , the Comic played - filming Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2. The third film around the normal young person Peter Parker, who would over-creep by the bite of a spider abilities receives, is planned for 2007.

From its income from Spider-Man Tobey boughtMaguire 2002 a house in the Beverly Hills.

It produces meanwhile also films, under it spike Lees New York - film 25 hours.

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