Tobias Sammet

Tobias Sammet (* 21. November 1977 in Fulda) is a singer and Songschreiber of the power Metal - volume Edguy.

Sammets musical career began at the age of 14 years, when he based together with two schoolmates Edguy. Sammet (since the primary school organ instruction had received ) played first key board, before he made himself as a singer that volume a name. By Edguys world-wide success it is one of the most well-known German power metalworkers. He achieved additional celebrity by its look up-exciting project Avantasia, which he completely composed and took up with considerable singers and instrument valleyists.

Sammets brand name is its often ironical humor, also in its song texts (z. B. “Lavatory Love Machine”, “save US Now”) to the appearance comes again and again.

guest appearances

Tobias Sammet is to be heard on the following CDs of other musicians/volume:

  • Rhapsody - Rain OF A Thousand Flames (choir)
  • Freedom call - Eternity (choir)
  • Shaaman - ritual
  • Supremacy - fishing rod
  • finally Chapter - The Wizard Queen
  • Rob skirt - Holy brightly
  • Aina - Days OF Rising Doom

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