Tobias clip mountain

Tobias clip mountain (* 17. November 1978 in Leipzig) is a German water Springer.

The Tobias clip mountain starting for the sports club DHfK Leipzig became 2000 three times German master as well as European champion in the synchronous jumping over 3 meters. Its synchronous partner is Andreas's Wels.

2001 he became twice German master, 2002 four times and 2003 five times. With Andreas's Wels it became further 2002 EM-second and with the swimming world championships 2003 in Barcelona of third over 3 meters.

2004 won Andreas's Wels and Tobias clip mountain with the olympic summer games in Athens surprisingly the silver medal in the 3-Meter-Synchronspringen, which could confirm them with the swimming world championships 2005 in Montréal.

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