Toccata (ital.: of toccare strike) are one of the oldest names for pieces of instrument valley, particularly for key instruments, and original from Sonata, Fantasia, Ricercar etc. not very differently, however usually of free musical structure, about equal a written improvisation.

The oldest Toccaten for Organ are from Claudio the Merulo 1598 published, but anyhow very much in former times written for the organ. They begin usually with some full harmonies, gradually set more and more runner passage works, and small fugierte Sätzchen is interspersed.

Over the centuriesaway Toccaten were composed mostly for key instruments and used in the baroque particularly as Präludium before a joint (music ). Toccaten move usually in short Notenwerten and are rather vollstimmig set, see. the Bach Orgeltoccaten or the Toccata C major, Opus 7 (1830)for piano by Robert Schumann. In the late romance this festive music form in connection with the building of large organs flowered again up: Max active brought this music form in Germany to the completion, in France became the Toccaten from the Orgelsinfonien of Charles Marie Widor famous.In the contemporary music there were isolated examples of works of Schlagzeug or piano, those the Toccata their origin meaning of striking led (Paul Hindemith, Sergei Sergejewitsch Prokofjew, Witold Lutosławski).

Toccaten place partially highest requirements against the interpreter andare from a festive, powerful character. Often they are played also from organists to the excerpt or introduction of the municipality in services.

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