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Tom Hanks (* 9. July 1956 as Thomas Jeffrey Hanks in Concord, California) is US - an American actor, director and a producer.

Tom Hanks in February 2004

it is considered as one of the best character actors andalready two Oscars won.

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Hanks is married with the actress Rita Wilson. Ithas four children; Colin and Elizabeth from first and Chester and Truman Theodore from the current marriage. To own data he comes out „wrecked family conditions “. Its parents, Amos Hanks and Janet Turner, let themselves be separated early and it grewpartially with Stieffamilien up. Tom Hanks practiced early in college - plays, which he gave up however quite fast again. In the year 1978 it made itself on to New York - the job search. There it met his first Mrs. SamanthaLewes and he began also his career here. From Samantha it separated later in the year 1985 again.



after several appearances in different TV-series, among them among other things Happy Days, he got 1984its first main role in a motion picture film in Splash - a virgin at the hook.

After it is as given predominantly at the beginning of its career in comedies still too expensively or Scott & Huutch along-played, followed with purgatory of the vanities and Philadelphia two film dramas.

Straight Andrew Beckett in Philadelphia, gotten sick with its role with AIDS , succeeded to it sowas like an image change. He was noticed starting from this film and the profit of the Oscars as a character actor seriously and. This call strengthenedit in the following year 1994 with its role in Forrest Gump and the renewed profit of the Oscars. The profit of two Oscars for the category “best leading actor” (Best actor in A leading role) succeeded before it only Spencer Tracy.

Further successful productions, in which Hanks transferred an important role, followed thus z. B. Apollo 13 or the soldier James Ryan.

Hanks takes also physical strains on itself, around its role as convincingly as possible passes oncan. For Cast Away it had to remove first many Kilos to see in order to represent a shipwrecked one - for this the trick several months was interrupted, after the scenes had been turned before, in which it as a somewhat untersetzter manager from Fedex tois.

However Hanks is not only as an actor, but also as if turningbake-skin-hear and producer actively. Thus it wrote for example for the film That Thing You DO! the script and played in addition beside its son Colin Hanks in the filmwith. Hanks produced among other things in addition with From the Earth tons the Moon and volume OF Brothers two TV serials.

In July 2004 the trade paper Variety reported that Tom Hanks and DreamWorks the rights for the filming of the life history of USSkirt' n' would have acquired - roll - musician, film producer and actor Dean Reed. According to Variety Hanks wants to transfer the main role and production and for it Egon Krenz to Berlin interviewt. Reed had lived from 1972 to its death 1986 in the GDRand there as „red Elvis “one celebrated.

German synchronous speaker for Tom Hanks is Arne Elsholtz.


  • It became in the year 1999 forits work in the soldier James Ryan with the Distinguished publicly service Award honoured. That is the highest honor of the U.S. Navy for civilians.
  • Entertainment Weekly selected Hanks as the only actor, its $20 million fee alsois worth.
  • With the searches in Germany to the TV-series volume OF Brothers along-produced by him it ausgekugelt in the autumn 1999 the shoulder, as it by a rotting cover fell themselves
  • it became 1997 in the British magazine Empireat place 17 of the “largest ones 100 film of star of all times” (The Top 100 Movie of star OF universe Time) selected
  • 1995 were selected by the readers of the US magazine to the best actor.
  • He is the brother of Jim Hanks. In additionit has still another second brother, who is a professor at the University OF Illinois.
  • Its thank speech with the Oscars for its price as best leading actors in Philadelphia formed the basis for the film in & for Out. In its speechHanks thanked a gay teacher.
  • Tom Hanks is extensive with Abraham Lincoln, that 16. President of the USA related. Their common ancestors were William and Sarah Hanks, which were Ur-Ur-Ur-grandparents of the former president.

Filmographie (selection)

honors (selection)



  • 1988 - best leading actor (bend)
  • 1998 - best leading actor (the soldier James Ryan)
  • 2000 - best leading actor (Cast Away)


  • 1994 -Best leading actor (Philadelphia)
  • 1995 - best leading actor (Forrest Gump)

golden Globe


  • 1994 - best leading actor in the category „Comedy “ (sleeplessly in Seattle)
  • 1999 - best leading actor in the category „drama “ (the soldier James Ryan)


  • 1989- Best leading actor in the category „Comedy “(bend)
  • 1994 - best leading actor in the category „drama “ (Philadelphia)
  • 1995 - best leading actor in the category „drama “ (Forrest Gump)
  • 2001 - best leading actor in the category „drama “ (Cast Away - Verschollen)

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