Tom Simpson

Gedenkstätte für Tom Simpson am Mont Ventoux
Memorial place for Tom Simpson at the Mont Ventoux

Tom Simpson (* 30. November 1937 in Haswell, County Durham; † 13. July 1967 at the Mont Ventoux) was an English wheel running driver.

Simpson is considered as one of the best British wheel professionals of all times, sad celebrity however particularly by its tragic death at the slopes of the Mont Ventoux during the route de France 1967 attained. Simpson was with the hitzeflirrenden rise to the legendary Provence giant collapses, rose again on the wheel, in order to lose few instants later again - and this time finally - consciousness. Afterwards it was determined that Simpson before a Amphetamin - Cocktail to itself had taken. One year before for the first time Doping had been accomplished - controls with the route. Today a gravestone in the place, where it collapsed, at that stands many cyclists, who tackle the Mont Ventoux, for something leaves to its memory (drinking bottles etc.).

Simpson was before 1962 the first Britisher, who had carried the yellow leotard of the route de France. Also first and to a today only Britisher Simpson 1965 won the road wheel world championship. In addition the classical author hunter got victories with three of the five Monumente of the cycle racing: 1961 it won the Flanders round travel, 1964 Milan San Remo and 1965 the Lombardei Rundfahrt.


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