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Sir Tom stop pool of broadcasting corporations COM, CBE (* 3. July 1937 in Zlín, Czechoslovakia) is a British dramatist, that famous is material for its pieces such as The Thing and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern of acres DEAD as well as for the film script to the film Shakespeare in Love.

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stop pool of broadcasting corporations became at the 3. July 1937 as Tomáš Straussler in Zlín, Czechoslovakia born. Its family fled on the day of the German invasion of Czechoslovakia (15. March 1939) to Singapore. Stop pool of broadcasting corporations visited an English school in India, where its family continued to flee, than the Japanese marched into Singapore. His father, a physician, died during this escape, its nut/mother married thereafter a British major named stop pool of broadcasting corporations. The family resettled then to England.

Stop pool of broadcasting corporations left the school with seventeen and began as a journalist to work. Its first piece, A mill on the Water, 1960 one finished. It was uraufgeführt as Enter A Free one. One of its most famous pieces is Rosencrantz and Guildenstern of acres DEAD, a comedy with two Nebenfiguren from Hamlet. It resembles Samuel Becketts absurd piece of control rooms on Godot.

Its pieces play with philosophical ideas, which are laid on with much joke and humor. It is used a master of the wordplay and often multiple time borders in its pieces.

It was twice married, first with the nurse Jose Ingle (1965 - 72), then with Miriam moorland Robinson, (1972 92), which it left, in order to die a relationship with actress the Felicity Kendal. It has ever two sons from each marriage. 1978 were expenditure-shown stop pool of broadcasting corporations with that COMM other OF the British Empire (CBE); 1997 it was struck to the knight. 2000 it became by queen Elizabeth II. with order the OF Merit excellently.


of stage works

  • A separate Peace
    a man, who wants to live in a private hospital, because he is tired the life.
  • Rosencrantz and Guildenstern of acres DEAD. (1967)
  • Enter A Free one (1968)
  • after of liking rides (1970)
  • The material Inspector Hound (1968)
    is a well-known short play. Two theatre critics look at a piece and even into a murder are entangled.
  • Jumpers (1972)
    examines academic philosophy and represents it similarly to a gymnastischen match.
  • Travesties (1974)
    a Parodie on OSCAR of game The Importance OF Being Earnest.
  • Dirty Linen and new Found country. (1976)
  • Every Good Boy Deserves Favour (1977)
    is however a complete orchestra necessary its own piece, which gets along with only few actors, in order to be specified.
  • Night and Day (1978)
  • Dogg's Hamlet (1979)
    in this piece speak the actors normal English words, which have however completely different meanings.
  • Undiscovered Country (1979)
  • on the Razzle. (1981)
    a comedy is, those on a piece from that 19. Century is based, which was written by the Austrian dramatist Johann Nestroy: A Jux wants it to make itself (likewise Wilders The Matchmaker and the musical Hello, Dolly served) as collecting main for Thornton.
  • The material Thing. (1982)
    the nature of the love examines.
  • Rough Crossing (1984)
  • Dalliance (1986)
  • Hapgood (1988)
    mixes an espionage thriller and a quantum mechanics.
  • Arcadia (1993)
    follows the fate of two researchers, who examine a literary crime film.
  • Indian Inc. (1995)
    is concerned with the British rule in India. Play, is based on the radio play in The native State.
  • The Invention OF Love. (1997)
    Alfred Edward Housman concerns itself, in particular with its Homosexualität with lives and death of the Oxforder of poet.
  • The Coast OF Utopia (2002)
    Trilogie, consisting of the parts of Voyage, Shipwreck and Salvage.

radio plays


  • The Dissolution OF Dominic boat
  • “M” is for Moon Among OTHER Things
  • If You're Glad I'll franc
  • Albert's Bridge
  • Where of acres They Now?
  • Kindist Descending A Staircase
  • The Dog it which That Died
  • into the native State

of films and television films


  • Billy Bathgate (1991)
  • Shakespeare in Love (1998) in co-operation with the film script author Mark of Norman
  • Enigma (2001)

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