Tom Trana

Tom Trana (* 29. November 1937 in Kristinehamn, Sweden; † 17. May 1991) was a Swedish autosportsman and a world-well-known Rallyefahrer.

Famous the Tom Trana (from of Sweden province Värmland ), become in the autohaven, was as Rallye Werksfahrer for Volvo into the 1960ern the suitable counterpart to the Saab - legend Eric Carlsson “På Taket” (“Carlsson on the roof”). However Trana had to drive the Hecktriebler of Volvo some more more stout-heartet over the special tests at that time, as Carlsson its various Saab models with front wheel drive.

Tom Trana a Volvo mechanic, who had made already strong road performances shown on a Volvo (P1800, was original) and a car of the British mark BMC also the work team attentive with its in recent years and its leader Gunnar Andersson one (a two-way Rallye European champion) at the latest 1962 on itself. For 1963 it received a contract from Volvo as a work driver and still won in the same season the RAC Rallye of Great Britain. One year later it repeated this total victory again. After further victories at the Akropolis Rallye 1964 in Greece and its “Heimspiel”, the Sweden Rallye 1965, belonged to Tom Trana finally to the first league this engine haven - discipline, which one called at that time in the scene also affectionately “the wild riders”.

Soon thereafter the Swede had a heavy accident with another road user however with the Gulf Rallye in England on one transport-gropes, with whom its copilot Gunnar Thermaenius died. With the legal matter to this collision Trana was acquitted later by any debt. Although - afterwards Tom changed itself from the impetuous Draufgänger to a running driver rather considered, who could be still very fast, but nevertheless never its with much Unbekümmertheit conquered really large success tied. In addition, as Volvo in the context of the Akropolis Rallye 1966, in a further accident with death sequence, two its mechanic, withdrew the Swedish automobile work lost its work team for more than ten years from the engine haven, supports further very generously some private drivers in such a way specified. Tom Trana changed for 1967 however to Saab, was further relatively successful also for the former competition, until he hung 1971 the helmet to the nail and terminated its Rallye career finally.

Volvo became only end of the 1970er again officially actively and took part with the Volvo R-team (R stood for Rallycross, Rallying and Racing) to the FIA Rallycross - European championships of the years 1978 to 1980. By Inge Walfridsson, the legitimate successor of Tom Trana as a representative of the Swedish automaker, succeeded it then to succeed in the year 1980 with a Volvo 343 turbo against the Norwegian Martin Schanche ( Ford Escort R-S 1800) and conquer the Rallycross EM title.


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