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Tom turbo is an interactive child crime film with the ORF (Confetti TiVi), which the popular child book author and unicef - Ambassador Thomas Brezina invented and since 1993 runs. The original title was “the hot trace “.

Tom Turbo auf einem Seidentuch
Tom turbo on a silk cloth

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TV serial

with their adventures are supported the two master detectives (the speaking miracle bicycle Tom turbo and Thomas Brezina) by six young detectives. They mostly fight against Fritz Fantom, a figure, which seems to turbo-books (see below) also in the Tom. Other opponents of the miracle bicycle are among other things Rudi rat, Gustav money bag with Mrs. Kneifl, Sigi slot ear, the Frettchen, wolf Widerling, a bad Zauberer, Peitschenpaul, the bad Zirkusdirektor, Dr. Gruselglatz, lord Spider, Rosso Robot -- these figures, whose name is often all iterations or speaking names, vary in the TV serial. The main theater is Thomas' office and Tom door-bad garage in the zoo Schönbrunn. Thomas' office was original in a multistoried building, however the office in the series burned down. A garage did not give it at that time yet. The watching gutters and Zuseher can slip thereby even into the role of the detective and solve the “case”, by building the letters up beside the correct solutions to a code word. Under the a transmitters of the code word books are drawn by lots. On the occupation list among other things actress is Lotte Ledl, entertainer Mat shoe or director of zoo Dr. Helmut Pechlaner. A young prominent one among the juvenile actors is Florentina yard farmer, the daughter of Vera soot worm. Approximately every two years new children are selected with a Casting for the child roles. Also over 300 episodes Tom turbo is considered as one of the most long-lived series in the Confetti TiVi. The 300. Episode became to 19. November 2005 sent. The next relay, that started in the following consequence, got new Gauner: the punk Magier Abraxus skirt ore ancestor and a Hexer, who are accompanied by witch Alexa. Starting from consequence 301. there are also again new child actors.


basis of the TV serial is the book series of the same name of Thomas Brezina the 1993 was started. Tom turbo supports here two children, Caro (Carolin Klicker) and Claro (Konstantin Klicker) in the fight against the “eternal bad one” Fritz Fantom. Besides there is a kind in the books Gimmick, which fits thematically contents. Caro and Claro always use this Gimmick in contents. The Tom of turbo-single volumes is as well as sells off, an anthology with the best adventures in the summer 2005 was again shifted.

Tom door-bad origin and its characteristics

in the book is assembled for Tom turbo by pair of brothers and sisters Caro and Claro. They received the material to the building by their parents, who wanted always the newest technology with them at home and who became outdated devices threw away. Caro and Claro built Tom turbo from this “garbage “. In the TV serial there is no origin history.

Tom turbo has 111 turbo-mad cheats, can itself e.g. completely small or invisible make, ice prepare, Pizza bake, with its grab arm things reach, fly etc. Caro and Claro are by a kind bicycle bell clock in contact with it. Tom turbo drinks at the dearest lubricating oil and hates water (rust danger) and/or. Staircases rise. A frequent scene of stories is the scrap iron place, to which Tom turbo is lured by its opponents for destruction. Another danger for it is that its battery becomes fast empty. He cannot suffer it, if he is called “wire donkey”. It possesses human characteristics, is often jealous of friends of the children. He addresses the children and Thomas with “Boss” and uses the they form. Its battery can be charged from the detective office.

Tom turbo special stamp

after other heroes in the Confetti TiVi (Confetti, Rolf Ruediger, Mimi and the Kasperl) got also Tom turbo 2004 its own Confetti TiVi - stamp. There was a price writing out in the previous year: Children could sketch a stamp for Tom turbo. The design of the seven-year-old Andreas Wolkerstorfers from Garsten was selected by the many entries. The stamp appeared in an edition of 600.000 copies and became at the 3. September 2003 in the pin duke castle in the context of the Niederörsterreichi child summer games presents.

Tom turbo adventure in Kärnten

of three regional federations of the tourism federation Kärnten (rose valley, Südkärnten, Lavanttal) marked their regions out with the Tom turbo- Logo. There is an adventure leader for families with mysteries and travel diary, in which 23 trip goals are recommended. Everywhere one can get stamps, spades chap or small gifts. On the playground “Nimmerland “at the Drau - cycle track even stands a original-faithful double of the miracle bicycle.

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