Tomislav Marić

Tomislav Marić (* 28. January 1973 in Heilbronn) is a Croatian football player.

Marić was born as a child of Croatian parents in Baden-Wuerttemberg. He is the brother of the likewise successful football professional Marijo Marić. It began as a child with the TSV valley home with the soccer game. Over the ESV Heilbronn, which VfR Heilbronn and the SpVgg Ludwigsburg he to the Karlsruher sports club came, for which it debütierte 1994 in the soccer federal league. After stations in the second league with the SG cotton wool-separate 09 and Stuttgart kicker changed it 2000 to the federal lyingists VfL wolf castle. With exception of a check-out counter to Borussia Moenchengladbach in the first half-year 2004 it played in the autocity. it changed 2005 to the Japanese club Urawa talks dia. moon. Since it plays January 2006 with the regional lyingists TSG hoping home

in the federal league season 2001/2002 adjusted it the record of Lothar Emmerich , by obtaining double luggage in each case on four following each other play days.

Marić played so far 5 times (conditions: 1. July 2004) for the Croatian national soccer team.


Marics of federal league plays

Marics of federal league gates


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