Tommy Reilly

Tommy Reilly (* 21. August 1919 in Guelph, Ontario; † 25. September 2000) was a Canadian musician and played chromatic harmonica and violin.

Its father was a conductor, jazz musician and founder of the Elmdale Harmonica volume. With 8 Reilly violin plays began, a few years later began it with the harmonica. 1935 drew the family to England. Briefly before the Second World War it tourte as a harmonica player by the Varietés Europe, and thereby with outbreak of war of the Gestapo was arrested and in camps held. In this time it developed the classical play way for the harmonica, and opened so the instrument also for the classical music. After 1945 he became over broadcast in completely Great Britain a well-known man. It became in all world in demand Mundharmonikasolisten for classical concerts. already 1951 composed Michael Spivakovsky for it a concert for harmonica on the occasion of a British music festival. Since then 30 further works were dedicated to him by well-known composers, e.g. Gordon Jacob and James Moody. For players of the chromatic harmonica it wrote the fundamental theory book “Play like the of star”. 1992 he was appointed the member of the medal of the British Empire.


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