Tomy Temerson

Tomy Temerson (* 4. January 1973 in Hanau, Hessen) is a German Zitherspieler.

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Tomy learned the Zitherspielen with 10 years. He could later be trained at the federal academy for musical youth formation in Trossingen. It participated in the music competition youth made music and won the 1. Price. Thereupon it had a television appearance with Karl Moik, whereby it admits to a larger public became. Ralph seal wrote the title Almrausch for it, with which he participated with the Grand Prix of the people music 1993 and considerable 6. Place reached. In the subsequent year it was successful with the retake of the title music to the third man with the superhit parade in the Second Channel of German Television. With the Grand Prix of the people music 1996 it was represented with the title with the clouds zieh'n again, did not come however not into the final.

Tomy Temerson is to be seen again and again in different television broadcasts and heard. It belongs together with Alfons farmer to the most successful interpreters on the Zither.

success title

  • Almrausch 1993
  • the third man 1994
  • with the clouds zieh'n 1996



  • Almrausch and edelweiss (with the Hirtenfelder) 1993

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