Tonuses Greis

tonuses Greis (* 30. August 1973) is a German Comiczeichner and Illustrator.

After first going attempts in the notorious, but often price-crowned Undergroundmagazin “people blood “got Greis in the year 2000 with the Independent publishing house black tower the chance to arrange its own Comicserie. The result, the laszive 8-bändige erotism - row “Alraune “(after story of Rochus cock), became a large success: within shortest time the row, which appeared about half-yearly from 2000 to 2005, developed to a sales racer. Only in Germany the booklets did not sell themselves very well, the series even into the United States at the market leader Eros Comix were sold, further publications abroad are too to be excluded. Beside a erotischen Portfolio to “Alraune” Greis works also on several colored contributions in the Erotik magazine” kind core “.

Lives and works tonuses Greis in Braunschweig (Lower Saxony).



  • Alraune volume 1
  • Alraune volume 2
  • Alraune volume 3
  • Alraune volume 4
  • Alraune volume 5
  • Alraune volume 6
  • Alraune volume 7
  • Alraune volume 8
  • Alraune Portfolio


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