Clay/tone board

Keilschrift-Tontafel Vorderseite
cuneiform script clay/tone board front

the clay/tone board is one of the oldest write materials of mankind. She found particularly in the area of the fruitful Halbmonds in predominantly drying-hot climate already since that 5. Millenium v. Chr. Application.


a clay/tone board is a first unhardened board from clay/tone or loam, into which by means of a stylus symbols can be scratched or pressed and finally in the sun hardened. The engraved writing can be through scraped off the upper layer extinguished or corrected, burning, often only unintentionally by fire disasters, the clay/tone board makes it durably durable. From special handling of the stylus as stamp wedge, the cuneiform script resulted.


clay/tone boards were originally used in Mesopotamien. They represent the oldest durable medium in culture history, which the adjustment both of picture - and writing recordings in the everyday life made possible.

The earliest texts in cuneiform script, fixed on clay/tone boards , record entries from the steering wheel and account system. Later were added diplomatic correspondence, Liturgie and seal. Approx. 3800 v. Chr. even a map was cut southwest from north Mesopotamien into the so-called clay/tone board from Nuzi (also Ga-Sur), the today's Jorgan Tepe, from Kirkuk in the Iraq. On the 7 x 7 cm large clay/tone board are drawn mountains, rivers and cities in. The earth swims as round disk in the Weltmeer.

The old persons realms of the bronze-temporal advanced cultures had proper libraries, so-called palace archives of economical and diplomatic correspondence, as well as administrative writings. Important archives were in Babylon, Uruk, Ugarit, Hattuscha, Amarna, bag era in Egypt.

Also the Greek LINE work - writing was written on clay/tone boards. Besides it is testified however by the Ilias that also already on Holztäfelchen one wrote, of which also copies in recent time at the west coast of small Asia was found.


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