Tony coffin

Tony coffin (* 21. April 1880 in Coban, Guatemala; † 17. February 1942; actually Anthony Frederick coffin) was a German-American doll player and Illustrator. It was called also as the American master of the dolls and father of the modern doll play art.

Coffin was born in Coban , Guatemala, as son of the German consul Franz Karl coffin and English March Elizabeth Parker. 1887 went the family to Germany, and coffin occurred with 14 years a military academy. With 17 to the second lieutenant carried, he gave up to 1905 the military career and moved to England , where he maintained a relationship with the American Bertha Eleanor McGowan, which he had become acquainted with as Touristin in Germany. After the wedding to 20. January 1909 (Cincinnati, Ohio) returned the pair to England, where two years later the common daughter Mary came to the world. With outbreak of the First World War first in Cincinnati, the family established itself 1915 in New York town center ; 1921 accepted coffin the American nationality.

Coffin, which had grown up with dolls and which grossmütterliche doll collection had inherited, was occupied in its spare time increasingly with this hobby. it made itself independent for 1917 as doll players. Besides it became for its humorous illustrations in magazines, particularly in the Saturday Evening post office, admits. It wrote and illustrated also Kinderbücher, created its own puppet theatre and manufactured mechanical toy.

1928 sketched coffin for Macy's department net curtain, a well-known department store in New York, up to 40 m for a long time, helium-filled balloons, which had similarity with animals and for the harvest thank parade of the department store were used. Between the harvest thank and to Christmas 1935 coffin, likewise for Macy' s, sketched a devised, animated shop window Design with dolls.

On the world exhibition 1933 in Chicago, to the coffin was involved, reached it the high point of its career and a public of altogether 3 million humans. With that increasingly competing Puppenstudios coffin could not keep up however and it was forced to announce bankruptcy.

In the middle of February 1942 was operated coffin, which had operation illustrated the book Speaking OF, because of a burst blind intestine and died 3 weeks later at consequences of the operation.


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