Topher Grace

Topher Grace (* 12. July 1978 as Christopher Grace in New York, NY, the USA) is an US-American actor, who admits of the Sitcom by its role as Eric Forman into the wild seventies became.

Topher Grace buildup in Darien, Connecticut . In Massachusetts, where he went to the school, it began in High School of musical to actors. Because he hated it, „“to be called, he could Chris be renamed in the course of the school time in Topher. It visited thereafter the prestigious Brewster Academy in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire and the University OF Southern California. 1998 it left the university, because it was gecastet by Bonnie and Ted Turner for its Sitcom That '70s show (the wild seventies). Since their daughter had gone on the same High School as Topher, they had become attentive on it, when it played the main role in the piece of A Funny Thing Happened on the Way ton the forum for the school.

Topher Grace than drug-addicted in Steven Soderberghs Traffic (2000 ) and a small Nebenrolle in Ocean's Eleven got its first smaller Filmrollen (2001). Later then films with larger roles should follow, so 2003 in Mona Lisa Smile, 2004 in Vienna A DATE with Tad Hamilton!, as well as roles in Dylan Kidd, P.S., Ocean's 12 and in in Good company. It was engaged Spider one also for 3, which was to come 2007 into the cinemas. There Topher Grace is to act like a rogue for the first time in its career.


  • Topher Grace is 1.80 m largely and carried during the first season of That 70 ' s show a Perücke.
  • Topher Grace protects its private life strictly of the public. It is however well-known that it is associated with Ginnifer Goodwin, with which he already in Mona Lisa Smile and Vienna A DATE with Tad Hamilton! together-played.
  • The actress Chloë Sevigny was in former times its Babysitterin.
  • To its favourite actors Bill Murray belongs in “and daily greets the Murmeltier” (1993).
  • Topher Grace is two-handed.


  • the wild seventies (1998-2005) as Eric Forman
  • Traffic (2000) as Seth Abrahms
  • Ocean's Eleven (2001) as Topher Grace
  • Mona Lisa Smile (2003) as Tommy Donegal
  • Vienna A DATE with Tad Hamilton! (2004) as Pete Monash
  • Ocean's Twelve (2004) as Topher Grace
  • P.S. (2004) as F. Scott fine city
  • in Good company (2004) as Carter Duryea
  • Spider one 3 (2007) as Venom

in addition he was host of Saturday Night live one to 15. January 2005.

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