Torbjörn Lundquist

Torbjörn Lundquist (* 30. September 1920 in Stockholm; † 1. June 2000 in Grillby) was a Swedish composer and conductor.

Lundquist was pupil of Trade Union of German Employees Wirén and Isai Dobrowen. From 1949 to 1956 he was a conductor of the royal lock theatre on Drottningsholm, afterwards he was predominantly active as a guest conductor of different orchestras. Lundquist composed one opera, four symphonies, a piano concert, chamber-musical works, play and Filmmusiken and songs. Besides it composed several künstlisch fastidious works for the accordion: a chamber concert for accordion and orchestra, the duel for accordion and Schlagzeug, movements for accordion and caper quartet as well as metamorphosis and Inventionen for accordion solo.


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