of these articles treats the city Toronto in Canada. For the city of the same name in the US Federal State Ohio see Toronto (Ohio).
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base data
state: Canada
province: Ontario
geographical situation:
Coordinates: 43° 38 ' 53 " N, 79° 24 ' 15 "W
43° 38 ' 53 " N, 79° 24 ' 15 " W
height: 76 m and. NN
surface: 641 km ²
inhabitants: 4.771.772
population density: 3939.4 inhabitants for each km ²
postal zip codes: M
preselection: 416 and 905
of the city administration:
100 Queen pc. West
Toronto, ON M5H 2N2
mayor: David Miller

the city Toronto is the largest city of Canada and capital of the province Ontario, however not the capital of the country (Ottawa). Toronto liesin golden the Horseshoe (golden horseshoe) region mentioned with 5.2 million inhabitants (2004) in the southeast of the country. A third of the increase in population of the whole country was allotted approximately in the last years to the region Toronto. The number of inhabitants rose from the year 1992 of4,1 millions on over 5,2 millions in the year 2004. The city is limited for 19,011 km in the south by ² large Lake Ontario and forms an important railway junction.

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the Wyandot called the place Tarantua, which meant as much as meeting place, at which it meetings held. In 17. Century were it the fur hunters, that quite successfully used the meeting place for their business, until the British governor Simcoe from the economical place of transshipment a away let build. That was the beginning of Toronto. Those still York designated settlement developed at that time onlyslowly, also as the seat of the government from upper Canada here one shifted. But then the Loyalisten , with them the water and gas supply, came and into the Fünfzigern the York renamed in Toronto became by the railway with the markets into that The USA connected. Today Toronto is cleanly and surely, a New York as of Swiss led, noticed Sir Peter Ustinov once meeting.

to objects of interest

town center resound, Toronto
seen from the sea-side. The white dome left belongsto the Rogers Centre
The road is today like at that time the artery from Toronto, meant was it as supply line, takes place today the economic and cultural life mainly along this road. It begins more than 1800 kmin the hinterland and ends at the Ontario Lake and is thereby one of the longest roads of North America.
  • To town center resound:
In the middle in the center convenient (Queen Street west/Bay Street) by the Finnish architect Viljo Revell at the beginning of the 1960er is years established avant-garde buildingswith its special sketch a view worth. Over a lower muschelförmigen Trakt connected it to a certain extent two Halbmonde.
it is 553 m high and 1976 was finished. First it should be only one radio tower, but it became thathighest free standing buildings of the world, and the Top attraction of Toronto. In the four cabs at its external wall one can drive up with 365 m per minute to the turning restaurant on 346 m height, where one can look among other things by a glass soil.The second prospect level, the Sky Pod, lies in 447 m height.
the Casa Loma, a lock after European style built by Sir Henry at the beginning of 1900, is today an interesting museum with 98 rooms, secret courses, antiqueSwimming pool, botanischem winter garden etc.
the 1989 open Rogers Centre lies to feet of the CN Tower. The 54,000 places seizing arena is the homeland of the BlueJays (baseball) and the Argonauts (Canadian football)and has as the first sport arena of the world over a completely back-mobile roof and the largest video board of the world. Was inserted also Renaissance the Toronto hotel Downtown (in former times: SkyDome hotel), which 70 zweigeschossige Suiten with view offer on the playing field. Of thefurther one is the legendary hard skirt Cafés, with view on the playing field in the building. To 2. February 2005 was renamed the SkyDome in Rogers Centre.
these four islands lie in the Ontariosee directly before Toronto. Onearrived with the ferry in approximately ten minutes on these auto-free islands, where one drives oneself with the boat, walks, to sun or in the small entertainment park to amuse can.
In the Eaton Centre
the Eaton Centre is a vierstöckiges department store, into thatup to one million humans fit. It was designated after the Irish immigrant Timothy Eaton, which opened 1869 here a general store.
that usually only ROM Royal mentioned Ontario museum is one the main marriage worthynesses of Torontoand the largest museum of Canada. It has an extensive collection to natural science, archaeology as well as art and culture history. By its art collection from the Far East it attained world-famousness. From four millenia are here works of art of the Shang dynasty (around 1500 v. Chr.), the seaweed dynasty (7. - 10. Century n. Chr.), the Ming dynasty (14. - 17. Century) up to the Mandschu - emperors 20. To see century. Ceramic(s) figures, magnificent vases and various masterpieces of the temple art place only oneSelection. The scientific department accommodates Saurierskelette and aufwändig manufactured cases, which copies the biotopes of the mammals. Children have to accomplish the possibility into the Discovery Gallery small experiments. In the second upper floor one receives a view of the art and culture historythe Mediterranean area. Among other things one gets here Egyptian mummies to see.
the international Hockey resound to OF Fame (HHOF) is a building in Toronto and one based, in order to honour the best ice hockey players. It is alsoan ice hockey museum combines. Beyond that the ice hockey museum in Augsburg calls itself “resounds to OF Fame Germany”.
  • Greektown
Downtown Toronto east the Don Valley Parkway is Greektown. In the quarter with its bilingual strassenschildern on English and Greek along the DanforthAvenue corner Pape lives with approx. 125,000 Greeks the second largest Greek community outside of Greece. With Greek and Canadian flags gesäumte Danforth Avenue with numerous Greek restaurants and Cafés with typical kitchen and music loads to the Flanieren in.

Outside of thatThe following objects of interest are city, but in the environment:

Niagara means on indianisch thundering water. The cases are appropriate for about 100 km von Toronto far away and are a large Touristenspektakel. 3000 m ³ water in the second flow over those55 m high cliffs, which 800 meters are wide. One speaks of the cases, because there is the American of case and the Canadian Horseshoe of case.
of the 1893 opened 7600 square kilometers large park lies some hundred kilometers north ofToronto and is Canada like it in the picture book stands. Trees and water so far the eye hands and naturally also bears, moose, beaver and other game animals.
One can cross the park only to foot and with the Kanu. It leads onlyonly one Highway by the Südrand of the park. There are campgrounds approximately around the different seas distributed, on which one can set up two to three tents. Sometimes one must carry also the Kanu and the luggage some hundred meters, therenot all seas are connected.


in Toronto takes place since 1976 the Toronto internationally film festival . Since the genius Awards are lent to 1980 and since 1986 the Gemini Awards.


in Torontothere is three universities, the University of Toronto, the York University and the Ryerson University.


Skyline Torontos with dawn


Toronto has with the DLWC project a new pollution free procedure for the air conditioning ofOffice buildings develops.


Toronto orders with the Lester B. Pearson internationally air haven over the largest airport of Canada.

twin cities

world youth day

in the year 2002 found to that in TorontoXVII.World youth day of the Roman-catholic church with approximately 800,000 participants from all world instead of.

sons and daughters of the city

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