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the Torwart (goal keeper, gate man, Keeper; Switzerland. Goalie) is a fellow player of a crew kind of sport. He is the most defensive player of its crew and its major task consists of the fact preventing that the playing equipment (e.g. a ball) arrives to the own crew in the gate. Therefore it also goal keeper is called.

Torwarte have special rights in most kinds of sport opposite other players. With the football e.g. the Torwart may use the hand. In addition the Torwart usually carries special clothes and equipment, thoseit optically from the other players differentiates, certain protective functions fulfilled (e.g. the gate waiting helmet with the ice hockey / Hockey) and it in its special task supports (e.g. increased catch security by special goalkeeper's gloves in the football).

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of Torwarte in the football

until 1871 it was usual that always the exhausting went into the gate, therefore was again and again changed. Today this is in the leisure football the flying goal keeper, who plays also on other positions. In the professional football is thatforbidden. Goal keepers change contrary to the other players rarely. The gate player, a Torwart, who is not limited to its role the gate, is new, but participates actively in the structure of play and in the defense in the area behind the three or Viererkette plays and long ballsintercepts. Typical example of a gate player is Timo Hildebrand of the VfB Stuttgart, while olive punt of Bavaria Munich embodies the Torwart of classical coinage. Normally goal keeper carries the back number 1.

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Oliver Kahn
olive punt






the Netherlands

Northern Ireland

  • Harry Gregg mentioned “the man with the yellow Sweater”
  • Pat Jennings
  • Jim flatly
  • Allan Fettis











the USA

of Torwarte in the ice hockey

developed from the kind of sport Shinney differentiatesthat today admitted itself ice hockey play by this by the employment a Torwarts, often also Goalie mentioned. Contrary to the field players, who change flying, the Torwart is replaced only in exceptional cases or for tactical reasons to favour to sixth field players completely out taken.

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Torwarte in the hand ball

the Torwart with the hand ball is separate by the remaining teamby the clothes separately. The goal keeper must wear different colour one leotard. Usually the goal keeper wears still long trousers and to Tiefschutz. Within the range tactics becomes the goal keeper briefly before end play also sometimes as 7. Field player assigned.

acquaintance hand ball goal keeper

  • Henning Fritz (Welthandballer 2004, national player)
  • Christian Ramota (European champion 2004)
  • January Holpert (record player 1. Federal league - most employments)
  • Andreas Thiel (pointed name: The Hexer, 7 x Handballer of the yearly, 5x of German masters)
  • how/as country Schmidt (olympia winner 1980 with the GDR)
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