Toshiba (jap. 東芝, Tōshiba) is a developer and a manufacturer of atomic power plants (since that 6. February 2006 world-wide market leader in the nuclear business [1], [2]) and electronics (seventh-largest manufacturer of electrical and electronic devices world-wide) with head office in Japan.

The company center of the Toshiba corporation is directly because of the Tokyoter bay.
An atomic power plant in the USA

in the financial year 2003/04 made the Toshiba corporation a conversion of 52.6 billion US Dollar. Company-wide 161,000 coworkers are employed (conditions: 31. March 2004).

Toshiba developed 1939 from the union of Hisashige Tanakas electro-technology company pushing aura Seisaku sho and for the consumer goods manufacturer Tōkyō Denki. The new enterprise was called kyō Shiba ura Denki, became however particularly under the name contraction Tōshiba admits. Only 1978 becamethis the official company name. At the same time two kanji - indications “tō shiba” the meaning “tō” - have the east, “shiba” - a magic plant.

The group expanded both by own growth and by acquisitions, among other things within the range of the heavy industry into the 1940ern and 1950ern. Later important subsidiaries were created like Toshiba EMI (1960), Toshiba Electrical equipment (1974), Toshiba Chemical (1974), Toshiba Lighting and Technology (1989) and Toshiba carrier corporation (1999).

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pioneer achievements

Toshiba Headquarter
Toshiba Headquarter

in the development departments of Toshiba many inventions important for Japan and the world were made, so for z. B.:

  • 1921 invention of the electrical bulb alsodoubles wound Glühwendel
  • 1954 the digital computer TAC; the first Japanese radar
  • 1959 transistor - television, microwave oven, first scanner for videos (video recorder)
  • 1967 world-wide first postal zip code reader
  • 1970 world-wide first color video telephone
  • 1985 Toshiba brings its first Desktop PC T1500with moderate success on the market
  • 1985 introduction world-wide first laptop - PC
  • 1989 introduction of the first Notebook - of the PC
  • 1995 development of the first DVD Players of the world
  • 1996 introduction world-wide first of the Sub Notebook - PC
  • 1999 development of the processor for Sony PlayStation “emotion engine”
  • 2002 development of the first flexible 8,4-Zoll-LCD-Farbdisplays
  • 2003 development of second methanol gas cell (Direct methanol Fuel Cell=DMFC) of the world for the mobile employment
  • 2004 development of the world-wide smallest non removable disks - drive assembly (HDD) of the world: 2.16 cm ³

Toshiba in Germany

Toshiba Europe GmbH, Neuss
Toshiba Europe GmbH, Neuss

the European head office for the range IT-/Consumer-/Bürokommunikation is the Toshiba Europe GmbH (TEG) with seat in Neuss. In addition there the administration of the product ranges is computer systems, projectors, STORAGE DEVICE (CD, DVD, non removable disks) and Consumer Electronics (DVD Player, television) accommodated. Semiconductor and electronic elements are gemanagt from Duesseldorf, in Braunschweig are an appropriate production work for achievement semiconductors. In Regensburg there is the TRO (ToshibaRegensburg operation), which manufactures there Notebooks of the elevated Preisklassen and construction units for PCs. In Krefeld is the Germany headquarters of TERIS (Toshiba Europe Retail information of system), the section for cash and Ident and pressure systems. TERIS firmierte formerly as Toshiba TECEurope and/or. TEC (Tokyo Electric company).

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  2. Toshiba winsOffer-firstridden around Westinghouse

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