Toulouse [tuˈluːz] (okz. Tolosa) (German become outdated: Tholosen) is been to 146 m a city in the south of France , because of the river Garonne , and. NN. It is approx. 600 km from Paris removes and by channels (Canal you Midi and Garonne Seitenkanal) connected with the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. In the city 390,350 inhabitants live and in the densely populated area 964,797 ( 1999) in the city centre - thus it is the fifth-largest densely populated area in France.

Toulouse is capital the region Midi Pyrénées and administrative seat of the Départements strike Garonne. In the Middle Ages it was capital of the region Okzitanien. Up to the French revolution was it official capital of the province Languedoc.

City hall of Toulouse, as well as the Place you Capitole
map ofToulouse (1631)
situation of Toulouse in France

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for the 1980er years Toulouse to one of the most important aviation centers of the world developed. About 35,000 persons employed work in this branch of industry.

This branch of industry has a long tradition in Toulouse already. Already 1919 started from herePost office flights to Africa and over the Atlantic to north and South America. Among the pilots, for whom Toulouse was the homeland airport, also the French author was Antoine de Saint Exupéry.

Into the 1960er years decided the French government, everythingto concentrate civilian aviation activities here. In the proximity of the airport Toulouse as the most important enterprise Airbus Industrie settled and is the largest employer of the city. In Toulouse also the final assembly of the new airbus A380 takes place .

The city possessesapart from air - and space industry also mechanical engineering, iron - and textile industry and in addition a large of trade is - and traffic center.

teachings and research

Toulouse is a pupil and a student city with altogether over 120.000 students.Thus it is beside of Paris the city with most students in France. Numerous culture and educational facilities are to be found in Toulouse. In addition belong:

to the UPS are taught mainly natural sciences, like biology, physics, pharmacy and computer science. In addition, languages constitute a substantial portion of the universitären training. The UT1 accommodates above all the fields of the restaurant, rightand political sciences. Foreign languages in the universitären everyday life play a large role and the portion of the international studying also here are very large.

The meaning of the university life in Toulouse manifests itself likewise by the wealth and the variety of the present laboratories thatResearch on the Campus. The important large schools of engineering are:

  • ENSAE (SUPAERO) (École national Supérieure de l'Aéronautique et de l'Espace)
  • ENAC (École national one de l'Aviation Civile)
  • ENSEEIHT (École national Supérieure d'Électrotechnique, d'Électronique, d'Informatique, d'Hydraulique et the Télécommunications)
  • ENSIACET (ÉcoleNational Supérieure of the Ingénieurs EN kind Chimiques et Technologique)
  • INSA (Institut national of the Sciences Appliquées)
  • ENSICA (École national Supérieure d'Ingénieurs de Constructions Aéronautiques)
  • ENSAT (École national Supérieure d'Agronomie)


Toulouse was an important under the name Tolose gallische city. 106 v. Chr. taken by the Romans and Tolosa (lat.) mentioned, it was since that 4. Jh. Bishop seat. Numerous roads in the Toulouser interior city follow still the sketch of the Roman settlement. From 419 to 507it was capital of the Westgotenreichs, afterwards became it from the Frankish king Chlodwig I. conquered. Between 781 and 843 Toulouse was seat of the kingdom of Aquitanien, afterwards the establishment of the independent county Toulouse took place. In this time was the city center of the Languedoc - culture.

In the Middle Ages Toulouse ranked among the richest cities of France. Färberwaid, a plant, which supplied the only steady blue coloring material at that time, prospered on the kalkhaltigen soils of the environment particularly well. Toulouse controlling market position ended,when the Portuguese began to import from their colonies the lower-priced Indigo.

1271, after the crusade against the Albigenser and the plundering of the city, were placed it under French crown, remained however until 1790 to a large extent independent. Although many Protestantenat present the reformation in Toulouse lived, placed themselves the city in the Religionskriegen on the Roman-catholic side. 1562 became approx. 4,000 Huguenots murders.

1814 struck the British under duke of Wellington the Frenchmen. Center 19. Century experiencedthe city their largest industrial growth. During the Second World War it was occupied from 1942 to 1944 of German troops. It suffered substantial destruction.

chemistry accident

to 21. September 2001 came it into Toulouse to one thatlargest chemistry disasters with 31 dead ones and thousands hurt.

See to explosion in Toulouse

development of the number of inhabitants

1750 to 1968

1975 to 1999

objects of interest

wall from red sandstone
Basilika of Saint Sernin

Toulouse becomes due to its numerous buildings from redSandstone also “la ville rose ” - „rose-pink city “ mentioned. Further well-known objects of interest of the city are:

  • Roman Basilika Saint Sernin (11. - 12. Century belonged), see also under [1], to the most beautiful Roman churches of Southern France. Pc. Sernin is not the grave place of the Hl. Thomas's von Aquin. The Gebeine Thomas's von Aquin was only brought after its death into the church Les Jacobins (with Dominikanerkloster) in Toulouse.
  • gothical cathedral Saint Etienne (begun around 1272)
  • the Musée August in,an art museum for Roman to baroque art, lain in a gothical Augustinerkloster.
  • University (1229), the secondaryoldest of Europe.
  • Many Patrizierhäuser in Renaissance - the style as for example the Hôtel D' Assézat or the Hôtel de Bernuy.
  • Musée Georges Labit, beside RomanWork also Egyptian, koptische, Chinese and Japanese works of art shows.
  • Musée Saint Raymond, which lies in the proximity of the Basilika Saint Sernin. In the cellar parts of the excavated Nekropole are to be seen from Roman and earlyChristian time. Into upper floors are Finds from archaeological excavations from this time.
  • Cité de l' espace, an exhibition among other things over space travel.


of the Canal you Midi with Toulouse

with Toulouse lies the airport Toulouse Blagnac very important for airbus.

The main stationfrom Toulouse, refine Matabiau, be somewhat northeast the town centre. The bus station is in its direct neighbourhood.

The local passenger traffic is ensured mainly by penalty. Since 1993 there is however also an underground line, one improved transportbetween the east and the west of the city ensures. A second line (north south) is at present built.

The city is by a typically French, motorway circuit free of charge (Périphérique) surrounded, however in the rush hours between 8:30 and 9:30 as well as by 16:30until 18:00 should be avoided because of the high traffic volume. In the city centre in each case a driving ban applies to passenger car on first Sunday in the month.

Up to the beginning 20. Century had the Canal you Midi still substantially to the economic Prosperität of Toulousecontributed. Today the water way is above all routistic used.

typical kitchen

typical for the kitchen of Toulouse is the Cassoulet, pots from white beans and different meat places, with in Toulouse in each case Confit D' oie - preserved goose meat and land sausage - in addition-heard. Also Terrines de foie grass (poultry pot liver) and magret de CAN pool of broadcasting corporations - duck chest with green beans - belongs to the city-typical kitchen. Violet de Toulouse are gezuckerte violets, with those sweet foods of allAs well as kind Veilchenlikör are verziert. Approximately around the Marché Victor Hugo are numerous Chocolatiers and cheese business.

partnerships between cities

the city maintains to a set of cities partnerships:

sons and daughters of the city

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coordinates: 43° 37 ' 12 " N 01° 27 ' 00 " O


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