buildings 16. Century in route to the Place Plumereau.

Route the capital (préfecture) of the French Départements Indre et Loire is in the region Centre. Route lies to the Loire, between Orléans and the Atlantic coast.

The name of the city leads itselfof the Turonen - an old gallischen trunk - off.

Route twin city of the German city is Mülheim at the Ruhr.

  • Surface: 3,436 hectars.
  • Inhabitant: approx. 137.000 (conditions 2003)
  • postal zip code: 37000

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the city are appropriate somewhat east for the delta of the Cher into the Loire, whereby the two rivers, which run here in three kilometers distance from each other parallel, the city inThe north (Loire) and/or. The south (Cher) limit.


the gothical house

in before-Roman time settled here the celtic Turonen, to which the city owes its current designation. Route Caesarodunum developed and/or from the Roman city. Urbs Turonum. In the 3. Century becomes that Holy Gatien as a first bishop of route mentioned, sank Martin 372 the third bishop appointed. Its burial place was since the Merowingerzeit popular Pilgerziel, which lent route as homeland of this nationalholy a special symbolic meaning to the city. In 6. Century wrote bishop Gregor of routethe history of France in its Historia Francorum. Karl Martell the Mauren struck 732 with route and Poitiers, so that the Islam could spread not further in Europe. At the end 8. Century held Alkuin, abbott of Saint Martin de route first theology andPhilosophievorlesungen. During the time karolingischer rule from 751 to 987 route a county was, to in 10. Jh. in the possession of the Kapetinger was. 853 and 903 it fell plündernden Wikingern to the victim. 1044 fell the Touraine to the counts von Anjou. As1154 the Plantagenets of kings of England became, became also the Touraine part of the Angevini realm, 1203 could king Philipp August of France the area however for France recover. King Ludwig XI.established in direct to the west of La route lain smells a castle, so that route toroyal Nebenresidenz ascended. To in 16. Jh. inside were king and yard regularly here. Of the importance in this time also the building of the powerful gothical cathedral witnesses to the city. In the Renaissance received in the city magnificent city palaces were built. Route experiencedan economic upswing, not least by the promotion of the silk goods production since king Franz I.. As itself later the yard to Paris and/or. Versailles withdrew, decreased/went back the meaning of the city somewhat. 1845 received the city a rail connection, which accelerated industrial development of the city.1920 were created on the congress by route the communist party of France. 1940 were occupied the city by the Germans. It was met with the allied Bombardements 1944, which were directed against the strategically important Loire transition, heavily. Under mayors Jean Royer, the 36 years longofficiated, succeeded however a careful reconstruction of the historical city center. An extensive industrial area, while in the year 1970 the François Rabelais university was created, developed for their Campus at the same time not, as usual usually, at the outskirts of a town, but relatively central at the Loireufer was established in the south on the bank of the Cher. 1964 becameseveral neighboring places in in common December.


mayor of the city route and in this office successor of Jean Royer are 2005 Jean Germain of HP. He was in former times a rector of the University of Paris and vice-president of the region Centre.

objects of interest

most important objects of interestthe city are:

  • Cathedral Saint Gatien
  • Basilika Saint Martin
  • church Saint Julien
  • Erzbischöfliches palace, today seat of the museum of the beautiful arts of route
  • Hôtel Goüin


the Touraine, the region over route, is admits for its wines. The most well-known area of cultivation of wine in the Touraine is Vouvray, which lies directly before the gates of the city route.


route always had a great traffic-technical importance as Loireübergang. There is a motorway binding over the A10 (of Paris - Bordeaux), the A85 (route of meadow) and thoseA28 (route Le Mans). Since 1990 connection exists to the TGV net (to Paris, Bordeaux and Nantes), besides connections exist after Le Mans and Bourges. North the Loire is the airport of the city.

education and culture

the university from route are called Université François Rabelais. In addition route an opera and a symphony orchestra possess. The international Congresscentrum Vinci has place for 2.000 visitors.


sons and daughters of the city

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coordinates: 47° 22 ' 48 " north, 00° 41 ' 24 " east


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