the tragedy belonged to the literary basic patterns, is a form of the drama, which can be led back into the antique Greece. The word “tragedy” comes from the Greek language and designates a” support singing “[griech.: tragodia]. With Dionysoskult became removals with mask and support skin [griech.: tragos] (representation of the God or its companion Satyrn) specified. A German form of the tragedy is the tragedy; the two terms are however not exactly congruent. The term tragedy is oneTranslation of Philipp of Zesen. The situation of the main figure worsens inevitably; the piece ends with its death. The failure of the tragic hero is inevitable thereby, its cause lies in the constellation and the character of the figure. The germthe tragedy it is that humans want to go beyond it assigned the fate.

Here meant “tragically” however as frequently in the everyday life language it does not use that somewhat it is very sad but that someone is in an unsolvable dilemma and thereby“becomes innocently guilty”, like for example Ödipus, Orestes or Hamlet.

After an interpretation Aristoteles attributed into its Poetik of the tragedy almost psychological effect power: The spectators should in the performance compassion (eleos) and fear (phobos) for the hero feel and in the opinion of its tragic fate a cleaning (Katharsis) of evenly these feelings experience.

After interpretation of Dietrich Schwanitz (Lit.: Schwanitz, 1999) stresses the tragedy “the inexorability of the time, thosePurgingness to death and subjecting under the laws of the society and nature. “Isolation is punished “as self over elevation, so as if the hero excludes himself from pride from the society.”. The tragedy has a tragic outcome.

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