Traisen (river)

Traisen between Traisen and William castle

the Traisen, which is formed from the source rivers quite and injustice Traisen, is a tributary of the Danube in the down-Austrian region Mostviertel. It rises in 2 source rivers in close proximity to pc. Aegyd at the new forest and/or. Türnitz, flows and. A. by the localities Türnitz, lily field, Traisen, William castle and pc. Polarized, and flowed once with Traismauer into the Danube. In the course of the building of the Danube power station Altenwörth the delta of the Traisen became after Altenwörth, municipality Kirchberg at the daring RAM, shifts.

With an extreme flood in July 1997 parts of numerous localities became along the Traisen, under it also the area of government administration of the state capital pc. Polarized, strongly inundated.


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