Trina (* 3. December 1978 in Miami; actually Katrina Le'verne Taylor) is an American Dirty South - Rapperin.

Trina was for the first time on the hit single Nann Nigga of trick Daddy listen. 1998 signed it a contract with its disk label slip N Slide. Two years later their debut album appeared there Baddest Bitch with the gold single 69 Ways. By their, for a female RWSby, unusual hard and slippery Lyrics advanced it soon into the league of Foxy Brown and Lil' Kim . Trina's 2002er album dia. moon Princess became among other things of the Roc A Fella at that time record - house producer Kanye west produces. To 4. October 2005 became their third Longplayer named The Glamorous would run publishes. On this are beside other artists also Snoop Dogg and Young bend in music represented.

Beside its albums Trina supports numerous other musicians with their projects. Thus work it already with Missy Elliott, Ludacris and Cassidy. Also were Song of Trina in films such as Blade II and exit Wounds use.

Still in this year Trina will create its own model agency named dia. moon Dolls and in the spring 2006 a mode line will publish. The moreover one those created it its own perfume with the name dia. moon Princess and is its own Sitcom With Friends Like thesis to be seen.

Table of contents



  • 2000: There Baddest Bitch
  • 2002: Dia. moon Princess
  • 2005: Glamorest would run


  • 1999: Nann Nigga (with Tricky Daddy)
  • 2000: There Baddest Bitch
  • 2000: Pull Over
  • 2002: Told Y'All
  • 2002: NO Panties (featuring Tweet)
  • 2003: B R right (featuring Ludacris)
  • 2005: Don't Trip (featuring Lil' Wayne) (Promo)
  • 2005: Here incoming goods Go (featuring Kelly Rowland) (so far unpublished)

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