Trini Lopez

Trini Lopez (also Trini López; * 15. May 1937 in Dallas, Texas) is a Latin American singer.

Before he was discovered in the year 1962 by producer Don Costa with an appearance in the PJ club in Hollywood, Trinidad López III, so its birth name played, only in smaller clubs with Gelegenheitsauftrittn.

1963 came out its debut album '“Trini Lopez live one RK PJ's”. The album contained its most well-known Song “If I Had A hammer “, which reached place 1 the Charts in 25 countries.

Due to the popularity resulting from it the Gibson Guitar corporation engaged it around a guitar to designen. Trini Lopez assured and developed the Trini Lopez standard, skirt a 'n roll guitar on the Gibson ES-335 are based and the Lopez the Deluxe, a variation of the giving on jazz guitar.

Starting from 1965 it took up many Coverversionen of well-known songs, among other things Lemon Tree (1965), I'm Coming Home Cindy (1966) and Sally which A Good old Girl (1968).

In the 1960ern and 70ern he tried as an actor, however without large success. It had its probably most meaning role in Robert Aldrichs film the dirty dozen. Therefore it dedicated again to the music and tourte themselves by Europe and Latin America.

Trini Lopez received some honors, under it the admission into the Latin music resounds to OF Fame in the year 2003.


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