Trinidad and Tobago

Republic of OF Trinidad and Tobago
Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
Flagge von Trinidad und Tobago Wappen von Trinidad und Tobago
(detail) (detail)
Wahlspruch: “Together incoming goods aspire, together incoming goods achieve”
office language English
capital haven OF Spain
system of government parliamentary democracy
president George Maxwell Richards
head of the government Patrick Manning
surface 5128 km ²
number of inhabitants 1.088.644 (conditions July 2005)
population density of 212.3 inhabitants per km ²
independence to 31. August 1962
currency Trinidad and Tobago dollar
time belt UTC -4
national anthem Forged From The Love OF Liberty
Kfz characteristic TT
Internet TLD .tt
preselection +1-868
Lage von Trinidad und Tobago in der Karibik
Karte von Trinidad und Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago (dt.: [ˈtrɪnidatˀʊnttoˈbaːgo]; English: [ˈtɹɪnɪdædəntəˈbeɪgoʊ]) are islands of the small Antilleses and form together the island state of the same name. They are appropriate for the Atlantic between the Karibik and, northeast from Venezuela.

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Trinidad is flat and hilly in the center and in the south, in the north runs oneMountain range. The highest collection is El Cerro del Aripo (941m) on Trinidad. Tobago is hilly. The climate is tropical. The rain time is from June to Decembers whereby precipitation of 2500mm at the east coast and 1600mm at the north coast inAnnual average to be reached. The average temperature is with 25°C. Contrary to most islands of the Karibik Trinidad and Tobago are appropriate south the hurricane - for zone.

The largest cities are: Chaguanas of 72,159 inhabitants, San Juan of 56,588 inhabitants, San Fernando 56,380 inhabitants, haven OF Spain of 49,657 inhabitants and Arima of 34,997 inhabitants.


number of inhabitants in thousands

the population is strongly mixed. About 43%, thus approximately 560,000 inhabitants, are African descent, 40%, about. 520,000 inhabitants, occur from the asiatic area,everything however India. The other 17% consist of humans of Chinese, Western European or centraleastern origin.

Approximately 60% the inhabitant are Christians (approximately in equal parts catholic and Protestant), about 25% are Hindus, 6% are Muslims. Besides there is trailer of Voodoo.

The inhabitants are, dependent on it, who island associated they feel, well-known as Trinidadianer (Trinidadians) and Tobago (Tobagonians).

Although English is spoken of practically all Trinidadianern (over 95%) tomost, is likewise relative to common Spanish is common due to its proximity Venezuela (usually as secondary language)


Christoph Kolumbus reached the island Trinidad to 31. July 1498. Because of their three salient mountain points it designated it afterthe Dreifaltigkeit. But only 1592 established themselves Spanish settlers on the island. Main industries were the cultivation of cocoa and tobacco. 1797 took over the British control of Trinidad.

The name of the island Tobago leads itself from thatWord tobacco off. Also she was discovered by Kolumbus. In 17. Century argued Frenchmen, the British, Dutchmen and cure countries about the rule about the island. In this time Tobago changed 31 times the owner. 1704 became it too explains to neutral territory. 1763 occupied the British Trinidad and secured by the peace of Amiens their possession. In peacetime of Paris 1831 ignored also Tobago in possession of Great Britain . 1888 were subordinated the administration of Tobago by Trinidad.

In 2. World war was Trinidad the largest allied military base in the Karibik, since it played a substantial role in the submarine fight in the Atlantic and in the Caribbean sea. In this time the bases for the today's infrastructure and industry developedthe island.

1958 became Trinidad and Tobago independently of Great Britain as part of the westIndian federation, whose capital was haven OF Spain. The federation broke 1962 however already; to 31. August became Trinidad and Tobago finally independently. First was the countrya monarchy under Elizabeth II., since 1976 it is a präsidiale republic in the context of the British Commonwealth.


Trinidad and Tobago are a Präsidialrepublik, the president indirectly on five years are selected. The parliamentconsists of a Lower House with 36 selected delegates and a senate of 31 members appointed by the president. From these the Prime Minister, 9 the opposition leader suggests 16. The republic is a unit state, but Tobago has its own parliament andlimited autonomy.

The most important parties are the United national Congress, UNC, the party of the Indian immigrants, and the People's national Movement, PNM, which relies mainly on the population of African origin.

administrative arrangement

Trinidad and Tobagois divided into five cities and ten regions.



  • Couva Tabaquite Talparo
  • Diego Martín
  • Peñal Débé
  • Princes Town
  • Río Claro Mayaro
  • San Juan Laventille
  • Sangre Grande
  • Siparia
  • Tobago
  • Tunapuna Piarco



original in Trinidad Zuckerrohr and other plan day plants for the export were cultivated. Today there is still to sugar and cultivation of cocoa. In recent time ever more agricultural products for the internal requirement were cultivated. Forestry is limited to the dismantling of Teak and unite other tropical wood. Few the still existing tropical rain forest is preserved.

For the development of the island the promotion of oil was important. From this a whole industry (liquefaction of natural gas among other things) developed. Trinidad is at most industrialized island that Karibik. Beside the petrochemical industry there are many enterprises of the food and light industry for the local need and the supply of the neighbour islands. The industry is partially. nationally, but predominantly privately. Many state enterprises were denationalized in the last years.


the service sector are coined/shaped from Finanzdienstleistern such as banks, insurance as well as from many large and retail businesses. In Tobago a developed tourism industry exists.

those is characterised media the state in South America by a pronounced Pressefreiheit,their same searches.


1992 and 2000 the portion of the public expenditures for the health service


the country is very football-inspired. The national soccer teamby Trinidad and Tobago has itself to 16. November 2005 for the first time for a soccer world championship qualify know.

Team head is the dutchman Leo Beenhakker. Affectionately the kickers are also called by Trinidad and Tobago “Soca Warriors”.

The district town red castle (Wümme) inLower Saxony will become residence and training place for the crew during the soccer world championship 2006 in Germany. In the preparatory phase before the WM becomes the team in the Steiermark campieren.


of the Literaturnobelpreisträger V. S. Naipaul originates from Trinidad.It became to 17. August 1932 in Chaguanas born and lives since 1950 in Great Britain. A further important person from this country is C. L. R. James, that as a Marxist author and culture critic in the black movement as well as in that Panafrika movement a central role played. Made of Tobago comes the football player Dwight Yorke, which played with Manchester United. The list of the olympic medal winners from Trinidad and Tobago shows that on both islands are the protruding Sprinter at home.

From Trinidadthe Steelpan or Steeldrum , a Stahlfass removed to a music instrument comes. It is the national music instrument of Trinidad and Tobago.

The Calypso and the Soca and Chutney developed from it have their homeland likewise in Trinidad and Tobago.

Trinidad is also for his Karneval much admits, which takes place each year at the end of of February. This cultural event is inferior to the Karneval in Rio de Janeiro in nothing in its size and color splendour. The art of the nothing doing in its Caribbean development is as Liming admits.

The national holiday is the 31. August.

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coordinates: 11° 00 ' north, 61° 00 ' west


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