Trinity Church

the Trinity Church (translated: „Dreifaltigkeitskirche “) is one of the more well-known churches of New York. It is in prominent neighbourhood to barrier the Street.

Trinity Church - Bild von der Wall Street
Trinity Church - picture of the barrier Street
Trinity Church - side view
Trinity Church - cemetery

at earlier times concerned it a anglikanische church, today resident it a Episkopale (Espiscopal) municipality.

The current building was established in the year 1846 in the style of the neo-gothic style and is in the meantime by the surrounding Wolkenkratzer overflight/flyover ELT.

Before the current building there were already two predecessor buildings, from whose time also the neighbouring cemetery originates. The first church building was established thereby 1698. This building was destroyed 1776 by a fire. The building of the second building began 1788. This building broke down in the winter 1838/1839 under the load of the snow.

On the cemetery of the Trinity Church this very day some well-known personalities of history of establishment of US are, under it to Alexander Hamilton (1755-1804), William Bradford (1590-1657), Robert Fulton (1765-1815) and Albert Gallatin (1761-1849).

In the film the legacy of the temple knights is under the church an enormous treasure.

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