Tristan Tzara

Tristan Tzara

Tristan Tzara, actually Samuel rose stick (* 16. April 1896 in Moineşti, Romania; † 24. December 1963 in Paris) was a French writer of Romanian descent.

Justified the inhabitants of zurich group of the Dadaismus with Hans Arp and Hugo ball.It wrote the first Dada texts (among other thingsLa Première aventure céleste de Monsieur Antipyrine, 1916; Vingt cinq poèmes, 1918: Sept of communist manifesto Dada, 1924) and took part in the performances in the Cabaret Voltaire. It invented the simultaneous poem, for example the work L'Amiral cherche unemaison à more louer. Starting from 1919 he took part in the activities of the Paris Dadaismus, among other things with André Breton, Philippe Soupault and Louis Aragon. One shocked the public among other things with the attempt of the disintegration of the language structure. Approximately around 1930 it turneditself the more constructional activity of the Surrealismus too (1931: Essai sur la situation de la poésie, approximate humans, 1933: L'Antitête, 1935: Grains et issues).

Later it fought also in the Spanish civil war, assumed at communist activities and in the Second World Warthe French resistance movement, Résistance, part.

After the war it turned more present-referred topics and existenceal problems too (1946: Terre sur terre, 1950: De Mémoire, Parler seul, 1953: La Face intérieure).

Its talent and its activities referred above all upthe organization of Dada, less on lasting artistic representations, therefore probably its name is well-known as one the first Dada Aktivisten less.

Tristan Tzara was buried at the Cimetière Montparnasse in Paris (France).


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