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articles treats the Inselgruppe Tristan there there Cunha. There for the sailor of the same name see to Tristão Cunha.
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Base data
system of government: British overseas territories
head of state: Elizabeth II.
Administration: Pc. Helena
capital: Jamestown, pc. Helena
principal place: Edinburgh OF the Seven Seas
Inhabitant: approx. 300
population density: 1.5 Einwohner/km ²
geographical location:
Coordinates: 37° 8 ' S, 12° 17 ' W
37° 8 ' S, 12° 17 ' W
surface: 201 km ²
highest collection: Queen Mary's peak (2,060 m)
office language: English
currency: Pc. Helena-Pfund
time belt: UTC +0
preselection: +290
postal zip code: TDCU 1ZZ
Internet TLD: .sh
discovery: March 1506 by Tristão there Cunha
official Website:

Tristan Cunha [ ˈtristən daːˈkuːnə] is there a Inselgruppe in the southern Atlantic ocean, to which beside 104 km of the same name ² large Hauptinsel still further, smaller islands belong. On thatAbout 300 humans live Hauptinsel, which is considered as the most remote inhabited island of the world. The Inselgruppe belongs to British overseas territories pc. Helena.

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Tristan Cunha lies there in the south Atlantic of 3,238 kilometers removed from the Cabo Frio (22°59'18 " s.B./41°58'31 " w.L.) on the Ilha DO Cabo Frio in Brazil and 2,779 kilometers from the cape of good hope in South Africa, and is part of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.Belonged to the archipelago Tristan there Cunha also 399 km in southsoutheast direction island Gough with a manned Wetterstation, as well as 33 km, uninhabited islands Inaccessible Iceland, Nightingale Iceland, Middle Iceland lain lain southwest and proud-hope Iceland. Nightingale, Middle and proud-hope become frequentlyalso as Nightingale Iceland in summary.

Island surface
Tristan Cunha 104 km ² Gough
Iceland 84 km ² Inaccessible
Iceland 10 km ² Nightingale
Iceland 2.6 km ² Middle
Iceland 0.2 km ² proud-hope
there Iceland 0.2 km ²


Tristan Cunha is the conical point of a powerful theresubmarine volcano in the 2,060 meters high Queen Mary's peak and in the 1970 meters high Mount Olav, which, culminates to both highest collections of the Kraterrandes. When one broke out the Nebenschlote of the volcano in close proximity to Edinburgh 1961 surprisingly, the population was evacuated to Great Britain. Therethey to the life in Great Britain not to get accustomed could do, returned them 1963 again.


Tristan there Cunha has a moderate, oceanically balanced climate with regular precipitation, which is distributed over the whole year. The bald summit of the volcano is insouthern winter, between June and October, frequently with snow covers.

the volcanic mountain

particularly carries Flora and fauna below the 1.500-Meter-Höhenlinie on its eastern half a close Vegation. In the summer rock penguins visit the Inselgruppe, in order to breed here and draw their boys up.Beyond that the island is a NIST place for Albatrosse.


the island was discovered there in March 1506 by the Portuguese admiral Tristão Cunha, which baptized it even Ilha de Tristão there Cunha. It did not succeed to it however, at thatTo land island.

Only 1767 examined the crew of the French frigate L'Heure you Berger Tristan there Cunha more in detail. It seized those depth of water, documented the rough coastal process and discovered fresh water occurrences in form of the Wasserfalls bends Watron and a lake at the north coast. The results of this investigation mission1781 by a hydraulic graph of the Royal Navy were published.

The first firm settler was Jonathan Lambert from the place Salem in Massachusetts, the USA, which arrived 1810 on the Inselgruppe and explained it as its property. It called it of Iceland OF Refreshment. ItsRule lasted however only short time, since it died 1812 with a boat misfortune. Allegedly the large fortune, which it earned by the sales of sea-elephant oil to driving past ships, is still somewhere hidden on the island.

Satellitenaufnahme von Tristan da Cunha
Satellitenaufnahme of Tristan there Cunha

to 14. August 1816 took place the formal Annexion of the island via Great Britain, when English troops occupied the island. The main motive for the Annexion of Tristan there Cunha was to be prevented that France the island as base for a release attempt of Napoleon Bonaparte from the prisonon pc. Helena to use could.

One year later was already taken off the garrison, only three settlers stayed. These based with a around-pulling population of sailors, ship-fragile, crawling and whalers, as well as unite women of sank Helena a new community. They earned their maintenance with thatSales of fresh vegetable and water to by-driving ships.

But after 1870 the number of the ships, those was reduced before Tristan Cunha fastened there clearly. This had several reasons: By the opening of the Sueskanals in the year 1869 the Schiffahrtsrouten changed, in addition the whale oil becameby mineral oil replaces and the US-American whale-catching fleet decreased/went back due to the civil war. Therefore it was not rarity that one year passed, before ship before the island fastened. Frequently some island inhabitants Tristan relied there Cunha, there it in another place a more meaningful with these shipsLives promised.

1886 counted the island of only 97 inhabitants, 1892 were it only 50.

1942 were furnished on the island a fleet base, by which the population possessed regular exchange with the external world now over radio and ships.

To 9. Octobers 1961 became thosevolcanic columns with Edinburgh actively and all inhabitants of the island had to be evacuated to England. They could not adapt there however to the modern city company and returned in such a way almost all Insulaner again to Tristan there to Cunha.


the population existsfrom the seven families Green, Glass, Hagan, Lavarello, Repetto, Rogers and Swain.

Due to the compartmentation of the few inhabitants are some the local health problems (z. B. To attribute asthma and Glaukom) to Endogamie. Since short they possess also the BritishCitizen rights and may be for an unlimited period for a long time in the united kingdom.

Only in August 2005 the Inselgruppe received its own postal zip code. The post office becomes once in the year by a post office ship connection Portland/U.K. - Ascension - pc. Helena - Tristan Cunha transports there, in the remaining time onlyirregularly carried forward by cargo ships, usually over South Africa. The section pc. Helena - Tristan Cunha stands for z there. Time. because of the high subsidies on the part of the British government starting from 2006 for arrangement, it moves however against this decision resistance with the Insulanern.

The costs ofCommunication on Tristan and particularly into the world outside are extremely high. Like that for example the price is for one discussion minute high via Cape Town radio just as as the average hourly wages.

economics and infrastructure

the inhabitants live on the Langustenfang and buildfor the internal requirement above all potatoes on. An important source of income is the sales of stamps at collecting tanks. There there is no runway on Tristan Cunha, so that the only connection to the mainland is the sea route. Several marks in the year steer supply ships from different parts thatWorld (and. A. Hamburg) the small Fischer port of the remote island on. The only air lift exists by a helicopter.

The largest place of the island is the settlement Edinburgh OF the Seven Seas. There there is a school, a hospital, a post office, a museum, a Café,a tavern, ever a catholic (“pc. Joseph ") and a anglikanische (“pc. Mary ") church, as well as a pool. Occasionally a policeman provides his service and operates on the only crossing of the island traffic controls. There is a local newspaper with the name Tristan Time.

The monthly average wage thatInhabitant lies with for instance £150.


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