Trivial literature

The neutrality of this article or paragraph is disputed. The reasons stand on the discussion side or on the side for neutrality problems. Attempts to formulate the article neutral and remove this component only if it is no longer necessary.

Trivial literaturecomes of lat.trivia-read, decreases/goes back on trivium (three-way fork), and meant what on the road one negotiates. Later it referred to the Propädeutikum that artes liberal and meant “that generally acquaintance, usual one”. A more neutral term for trivial literatureis Paraliteratur.

Trivial literature is a form of literary maintenance. With the term 20 becomes since the 20's . Century the range of the popular inferior mass literature designates. In a rough arrangement of the literature into the three fields high literature, maintenance literatureand trivial literature is regarded the latters as with the smallest literary requirement. However the transitions between these fields are flowing. So some works can be arranged depending upon view in or other category.

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criteria and characteristics

the trivial literature dedicates itself in plateful way out of touch with reality topics such as love, death, adventure, crime, war etc. (Kitsch, base literature). In language, comprehensibility, Emotionalität is in such a way structured it that it becomes fair expectations of a large mass public, by vorgaukelt this a beautiful world with a clear distinction between property and bad. As the perhaps most substantialtheir characteristics can be held in this sense: it does not break through the expectation horizon of the reader. Thus however already a certain problem of the term becomes clear. Because there is not the reader directly. There are only readers and those hasit per own expectation horizons - arise for individual, and social context from one both. From this lets a more individual examination perhaps not yet absolutely derive that the term of the trivial literature is void, with security however, the necessity, in the concrete case both,to make and a detection in the social context. The question however whether literature carries only front reproduction out and thus existing conditions directly reproduced instead of them are to analyze, however, the literature to be pleased be able general must - not onlyif it stands in the suspicion to be trivial literature.


permits basic models your Klischeehaftigkeit to integrate trivial literature into certain basic models whereby everyone does not have to be one of these forms assigned piece of literature necessarily trivial literature:

dear history

often as combination with historical novel

onethe most well-known kinds of spreading of the trivial literature are the groschen novels in such a way specified.

adventure history


frequent also Comics/ Manga the trivial literature are generally added. This generalizing allocation is however highly disputed, particularly since Comics cannot be seized as independent art form with the criteria of the literature science in their entireness (see Comicforschung).Also off the Mainstreamcomics already for a long time complex topics are processed in sensitive way artistically in the Comic, as the Shoah in kind Spiegelmans 1992 with the Pulitzer price distinguished mouse - the history of a survivor.


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see also

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