Dry battery

the dry battery is a special form of a combination of galvanic cells developed by Georges Leclanché (nowadays better admits under the actually unkorrekten designation “battery “). In the dry battery the electrolyte is present thickened as gel. Another designation is therefore also “gel battery” or “gel accumulator “.

Frequently this gel use is combined with a packaging, which prevents any withdrawing electrolytes. Thus will the battery more easily transportable and can in any spatial orientation be used. The dry battery is thereby the most frequent energy source for transportable electrical Kleingeräte. Frequent uses for this are to be found with the camping, and as accumulator on boats.

A well-known counter example to the dry battery is the starting battery , which is filled with liquid electrolytes, which is used in motor vehicles usually , i.e. sulfuric acid, and therefore only in upright position is applicable.


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