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Tromelin is been appropriate for 0.8 km 2 a large tropical island, east of Madagascar on 15° 52 ' southern latitude and 54° 25 ' of eastern length.


the island was discovered 1722 by the French ship La DIANE and called first île of the Sables ( German about „sand island “).

1761 run a slave ship before the island due to, whereupon the survivors on the island look for refuge. With a raft assembled from the rubble of the ship the survivors of sailors leave the island, leave thereby the survivors slaves and to reach Madagascar. The survivor remainder at slaves was saved only 1776, as to which Chevalier de Tromelin (that the island also its current name gave) the first landing on the island succeeds.

1954 were established on the island a permanent Wetterstation.

politics and administration

the island were administered starting from 1814 from Réunion (since 1960 of the Präfekten of the Überseedépartements), without belonging even to Réunion. Tromelin is not therefore also part of the European union. Since 2005 are administered it like the remaining Îles of éparses as private property of the French state by the Präfekten and a highest manager of the French south and Antarctic areas.

The island is stressed in the rest of also by Mauritius.

geography and economics

the oval, approximately 1,700 m for a long time, up to 700 m broad and of corral reef surrounded island 450 km are far away from the next land mass by 4.000 m deep ocean surrounded and with it extremely isolated and difficult to reach.

The island is sandig, flat and up to isolated bushes to a large extent unbewachsen. The highest collection is 7 m highly. On the island there is no indigene population, but an important Wetterstation (in particular to the research of Zyklonen), in which usually 15 to 20 Meteoroligists von Météo France work. The remainder of the island serves today as protected area for sea turtles.

The island does not exhibit a port, but an anchorage before the coast, in addition a short (under 1000 m), did not asphalt landing runway for airplanes.

coordinates: 15° 52' southern latitude, 54° 25' of eastern length


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