Troy Garity

Troy Garity, actually Troy Hayden, (* 7. July 1973 in Los Angeles, California) is an US-American actor.

Garity was born as a son of the politician Tom Hayden and the actress Jane Fonda. It accepted the surname of its grandmother for its film career later on the paternal side. Its had given it the first name politically against the Viet Nam war active parents in honours of a vietnamesischen resistance fighter.

With 16 years Garity broke its school training off and traveled a Zirkusartistin after, with which he had fallen in love.

Garity played so far primarily smaller roles in motion picture films. 2004 it harvested gold close praise - a nominating for its role in the mini series of Soldier' s Girl.

Like its parents also Garity works as peace activist and in the social work.

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