Truchsessi war

the truchsessische war lasted from 1583 to 1588 and becomes also as a Cologner and/or. Kölni war designates.

Cause of the war was the faith change Cologne archbishop and cure princes of the Gebhard Truchsess of forest castle, which cure Cologne wanted to transform into a lay principality. He proclaimed the equal rights of the denominations, released to the cathedral gentlemen the confession and thereupon accuses of the injury of the clergyman of reservation ( see Augsburger confessional peaces). After its marriage with the Evangelist countess Agnes of one field became Gebhard to 2. February 1583 as an archbishop set off and at the 1. April 1583 of Pope Gregor XIII. exkommuniziert.

In the future it came in the Rhine country to violent military conflicts between the trailers Gebhards and the kurpfälzischen troops allied with it on the one as well as Bavarian and Spanish troops on the other side. The latters came Cologne cathedral chapters to assistance, after this to 23. May 1583 Ernst von Bayern to the archbishop of Cologne and successor Gebhards had selected.

In the context of the fighting a whole set of cities, so Deutz, which were completely destroyed, were besieged and geplündert Rhine mountain and Linz in the year 1583. After the conquest of the Godesburg with Bonn to 7. December 1583 by Bavarian-Spanish troops fled Gebhard first into the kurkölnische Westphalia, where it resided in the kurfürstlichen lock to Werl and destroyed in the there parish church in a picture storm the altars and art treasures and/or. plünderte. 1585 conquered the count von Neuenahr fighting on the page Gebhards the city Neuss and destroyed a number of smaller castles and fastened yards in the Neusser surrounding countryside. To call here above all the castle of the gentlemen is von Wevelinghoven in the today's “Zubend”, which was destroyed 1587. The castle Hülchrath, which conquered Spanish troops 1583, was beside the castle Bedburg (1585 conquered) one of the largest attachment plants, which were partly destroyed during the fighting. After defeats in Westphalia and the loss of Recklinghausen, likewise 1585, had Gebhard however in by the declaration of independence of 23. January 1579 (Utrechter union) of Spain abtrünnigen, to the Republic of that filters combined the Netherlands united, sieved northern Netherlands provinces flee. By allied one like the counts Adolf too new-feed and Moers, which destroyed 1586 the kurkölnische monastery Kamp, as well as in particular with the help of Netherlands troops, those among other things to 23. Decembers 1587 Bonn conquered and devastated, continued Gebhard the war, had to 1588 the fight to however finally give up, after the abtrünnigen Netherlands provinces had terminated their support.


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