Truman doctrine

to 12. March 1947 announced that the American president Harry S. to that. Truman its doctrine before the American congress, the Truman doctrine in such a way specified.

After their it should become the principle with regard to foreign policy of the USA, “all peoples, their liberty of militant minorities or by oneoutside pressure threatened " assistance is to be granted. Particularly the countries Turkey and Greece were, but in the review also meant Germany in the situation at that time. Turkey was since 1945 at the pressure of the USSR, which placed among other things territorial demands. In Greece ravedsince 1946 a renewed civil war, and Great Britain were not for economic reasons any longer alone in the position to support the Greek government against the communist side.

The Truman doctrine, the speech of two different ways of life was clear in which, i.e. one by liberty andone by totalitarianism characterized, raised a universal requirement (two-camp theory). It stood thereby at the beginning of American containment politics (Containment politics) opposite the USSR and formed thereby a fundamental component of the cold war.

Also the American commitment in the Korea war and the Mars resounding plan becamewith the arguments of the Truman doctrine justifies.

The aspect with regard to foreign policy of the Monroe doctrine was finally replaced by the Truman doctrine.

wording of the Truman doctrine (excerpt)

speech of US president Harry S. Truman to 12. March 1947 before both houses of the congress.

“Must at this time world historyselect nearly each nation between alternative ways of life. This choice is not free only too often.The one way of life is based on the will of the majority and been characterized by free institutions, representative system of government, free elections, warranties for the personal liberty of political suppression. The other oneWay of life is based on the will of a minority, which this forces upon to the majority by force. It relies by terror and suppression, on the censorship of press and broadcast, by manipulated elections and by the withdrawal of the personal liberties. I believe, it must the policy to thatUnited States its to assist free peoples who oppose subjecting desired by armed minorities or with outside pressure. I believe, we must help all free peoples, so that they can determine the fate in their way. By such an assistance I understand above alleconomical and financial assistance, the basis for economic stability and arranged political conditions forms. The world is not static and the status quo is not holy. But we can permit no changes of the status quo, those by obligation methods or let us cheat like the political infiltration underInjury of the Charter of the United Nations take place. If they help free and independent nations to retain their liberty the United States carry out the principles of the United Nations. “

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