Flagge der Tschechischen Republik
office languages Czech
capital Prague
system of government 1918 to 1969: Republic
1969 to 1992: Federal Republic of
of Czechoslovakia
surface 127,876 km ²
number of inhabitants 15.7 million (conditions 1991)
population density of 123 inhabitants per km ²
existence period 28. October 1918 - 31. December 1992
currency Czechoslovakian crown
time belt UTC +01: 00
national holiday 28. October
(establishment of state 1918)
Lage der Tschechoslowakei in Europa zwischen 1949 und 1990
Czechoslovakia, officially: Czechoslovakian republic and/or. later Czechoslovak Socialist Republic and/or. later Czech ones and Slowaki federal Republic of (ČSR and/or. ČSSR and/or.ČSFR) was a state (1918-1939 and 1945-1992) in the area of the today's States of Tschechien and Slowakei and up to the Second World War also a small part of the today's Ukraine. After 1948 it belonged to the socialist countries of Eastern Europe and countedto the Eastern Bloc.

Czechoslovakia consisted those of the countries Böhmen , Mähren and Mährisch Schlesien (the former Austrian Schlesien with the before Prussian area around Hlučín, but without an area strip east of Te, that at Poland fell), Slowakei and - until 1938 - Karpatenrussland (Podkarpatská Rus, Karpatoukraine, today Karpatenukraine).


this state in Central Europe had borders to Austria, Hungary, the Ukraine (and/or the former Soviet Union), Romania (until 1939), Poland and Germany (and/or the former German ones Democratic Republic and the Federal Republic of Germany).

population (1930)

the state States of (14.7 Mill.) were Czechs in the west and Slowaken in the east of the country. The Sudetenland was by the majority German until 1945as well as Polish (0.7%) settles, and in the south of the Slowakei lives to today a Hungarian minority (4.9%). In the eastern Karpaten, particularly in until 1938 the Karpatenukraine belonging to to Czechoslovakia, among other things Ruthenen lived. As nationalrecognized minority were besides Jews in different regions of the state represented.


major item: History of Czechoslovakia


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