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Naftali heart door Sinai (* 13. November 1886 as Harry Torczyner in Lemberg, at that time Austria, today Ukraine, † 17. October 1973 in Jerusalem) was an important Israeli Philologe and Bible arm. He is the creator of a German-language Bible translation of the old person of will.

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life history

with 6 years he came to Vienna, went there to the school and studied from 1905 to 1909 philology. It closed its study with the graduation to the Dr. phil off. At the same time door Sinai visited the Israeli-theological institute of the Rabbinats in Vienna. After a short study stay in Berlin door Sinai teacher at the again-created Hebrew High School in Jerusalem (1910 to 1912 ) became, private lecturer in semitische languages at the Viennese university (1912 to 1919) and lecturer at the university in the science of the Judentums in Berlin (1919 to 1933). In this time the first edition of its translation of the Hebrew Bible developed. Starting from 1933 door Sinai at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem worked. As a professor for Hebrew it was considered after establishment of the State of Israel 1948 as one of the best connoisseurs of the Hebrew language in Israel.

door Sinais Bible translation

door Sinais Bible translation pursues the so-called structure-faithful beginning (see Bible translation). The books are arranged in accordance with the order of the Hebrew holy writing. As connoisseurs of the Talmuds door Sinai was guided in the case of the translation consciously by traditional Jewish interpretations. From it partly surprising Lesarten results for readers used to Christian translations. Door Sinai commentates this Lesarten and justifies also different translation decisions in the appendix of the printout.

Read sample gene 4,6+7:
There the eternal one spoke to Kain: “Why it verdriesst you, why is your face lowered? Whether you do not receive the bessre part, whether the bessre - to the door, to sin, kauernd (or: to the sellout at wheat kauernd), nevertheless its hunger must to you, and you will control it "
door Sinais comment (shortened):
In the address of God at Kain, the translation keeps two possibilities open, which already in the opinions of the talmudischen authorities Rab and Schemuel reflect themselves [...] that have-done here not sin, but [...] grain marks, and only this realization makes possible it to recognize the so much misunderstood place in their sense. Here [...] God Kain for the loss of the Erstgeburtsrechts [… with it] tröstet that its brother will have to come [...] at present the hunger emergency to it [...].


  • the holy writing, into German transfer heart door Sinai, 1993 hectar SSL he publishing house, ISBN 3775120408 [work on
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