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Wappen von Turbenthal
base data
canton: Zurich
district: Winterthur
BFS NR.: 0228
postal code: 8488
coordinates: 47° 26 ' n. Break.
8° 51 ' o. L.
Height: 554 m and. M.
Surface: 25,07 km ²
inhabitants: 4165 (31. December 2004)
Website: www.turbenthal.ch
Karte von Turbenthal

Turbenthal is a political municipality in the district Winterthur of the canton Zurich in Switzerland.

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Turbenthal lies in the east of the canton, in the upper Tösstal. The name of the village is to have been derived celtic origin and from “Turbanton”. The municipality Turbenthal ranks surface-moderately among the larger municipalities of the canton. Local parts are: Turbenthal, craving bath, Neubrunn, upper yards, RAM mountain, Schmidrüti, Seelmatten, seat mountain, stone brook and Tablat.

  • Deepest point: 540 m u. M.
  • Highest point: 842 m u. M.
  • Distance to Winterthur: 15,0 km
  • Distance to Zurich: 31,2 km
  • Surface: 2 ' 507 Hektaren (of it 35% agriculture, 58% forest, 3% traffic, 4% settlements)


public traffic

the Tösstalbahn connects the village since 1875 with the city Winterthur and operates today as part inhabitants of zurich of the traffic group regularly as S26 on the distance Winterthur Turbenthal Rüti Rapperswil. In the summer one can enjoy special travels with the old steam engines by the Tösstal. From Turbenthal post office autolines go to Fehraltorf to game mountain - Russikon - as well as to Bichelsee in the canton Thurgau.

individual traffic

Turbenthal is a traffic junction direction pc. Gallen, Rapperswil SG, Winterthur and Uster.


825 For the first time the village name in documents of the monastery becomes pc. Gallen mentions.

1328 In documents for the first time the master castle of the aristocracy sex by width landing mountain, which at that time did not only possess power in the Tösstal, is mentioned. The castle was “highly over the village” Turbenthal. The large castle plant was broken off 1804 and parts of it to find this very day in old houses built itself.

1452 The municipality Turbenthal belonged until 1452 to the area of the county Kyburg. When then the city Zurich bought the county, the village became zürcherisch and remained it until today.

17. Century In this time became Turbenthal admits by the numerous and large spinning mills and weaving mills. At that time also this village was not exempted from hunger emergencies. After a heavy crisis the home industry was replaced by the manufacturing industry. The first cotton spinning mills developed.

1830At that time the village received the traditional fair, which in each case takes place also still in the today's time in spring and in the autumn.

1875The Tösstalbahn is built by the village.

1920 Before this time the wild Töss stepped several times over the banks and caused partial devastating damages. Into the 1930er years the Flussbett with so-called thresholds, which one finds generally speaking to valley, was then reorganized.


municipality president are January Koop.

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coordinates: 47° 26 ' N, 8° 51 ' O


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