Turks and Caicosinseln

Nationalflagge Turks- und Caicosinseln
Wahlspruch: Each Endeavouring, universe Achieving
office language English
capital Cockburn Town on Grand Turk
system of government British overseas territories of the united Kingdom of
head of state Elizabeth II.
Governor Jim pos clay/tone
head of the government Dr. Michael Eugene Misick
surface 430 km ²
number of inhabitants 20,556 (conditions July 2005)
Currency US Dollar
time belt UTC -4 hours
of national anthem God save the Queen
Kfz characteristic
internet TLD .tc
preselection +1,649

the Turks and the Caicosinseln, sometimes also as Turks & Caicos designation, consist of the eight Hauptinseln salt Cay, Grand Turk, South Caicos, East Caicos, Middle Caicos, North Caicos, Providenciales and west Caicos. East Caicos and west Caicos are uninhabited. The Inselgruppe is British overseas territories.

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your total area amounts to about 430 km ². Althoughthey geographically in the Atlantic lie, them still among the Karibik are ranked, the two small Inselgruppen form the southeast Ausläufer of the Bahamas and lie north of Haiti.


your name is derived on the one hand from the endemic Turk head or Fez Kaktus, and on the other hand from“which to the name for „island chain the Lucayan of the Inselgruppe gave. The Taino, which was probably displaced or assimilated by the Lucayan, educated the original indigene population. 1492 was discovered the islands allegedly by Christoph Kolumbus, but exists also the possibility that Juan Ponce deLeón their original discoverer was. The indigene population was around the center 16. Century due to diseases and slavery extinguished.

In 17. Century the islands were settled from Bermuda and were later under Spanish, French and British control. From 1776 to 1848they were part of the colony on the Bahamas, from 1848 to 1962 were them to Jamaica duly up to its independence, for approximately 1976 gave it independent for efforts to make again and again, since approximately 1982 rest themselves these independence efforts however.

Since 2003 however it givesTo integrate efforts of the government of Canada the islands as elfte province. However Great Britain would have to dismiss the islands into independence.


the population counts about 15,000 humans, who call themselves as Belongers, consisting of the descendants of African slaves and one mixedEuropean minority. Today the Inselgruppe is a Naturparadies and a popular destination.

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coordinates: 21° 30 ′ N,71° 50 ′ W


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