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Deutschlandkarte, Position von Tutzing hervorgehoben
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Land of the Federal Republic: Bavaria
governmental district: Upper Bavaria
district: Star mountain
geographical situation:
Coordinates: 47° 55 ' N, 11° 17 ' O
47° 55 ' N, 11° 17 ' O
height: 583 m and. NN
surface: 35.63 km ²
inhabitants: 9.506 (30. September. 2005)
Population density: 258 inhabitants for each km ²
postal zip codes: 82327
preselection: 08158
Kfz characteristics: STA
municipality key: 09 1 88 141
of the administration:
Municipality Tutzing
Kirchenstr. 9
82327 Tutzing
Website: www.tutzing.de
E-Mail address:
mayor: Peter Lederer (CSU)
Tutzing from the lake seen

Tutzing is a municipality in the Upper Bavarian district star mountain and is because of the west bank of the Starnberger of lake.

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the first documentary mention took place 742 via a donation to the monastery Benediktbeuern.

How grave hills from bronze - and proves Eisenzeit, the area was already in former times settled. That itself here at the lake already the Romansprobably, remainders of a property yard at the Deixlfurter confirm lake.

The name Tutzing originates from the family Tozzi and Tuzzo from the aristocracy sex of the Huosi. That points on the fact that the place already in 6. Jh. existed. After the sex of the Tuzzinger had become extinct, that acquiredResident of Munich Patriziergeschlecht Dichtl around 1480 the place. Bernhard the older Dichtl was lent to 1519 by the duke of Bavaria the yard Mark justice over Tutzing, he was allowed to raise from now on than Tutzinger lock gentleman from its subjects taxes and exercise the low jurisdiction. The place was to in 19. Centurya simple fishing village, in that it starting from that 16. Century always again arguments around the fish rights between Hoffischern and the rule of the yard Marks of Tutzing gave.

During the dreissigjährigen war also the yard Mark Tutzing was heavily afflicted by Swedish and imperial-Spanish troops. Between 1632 and 1634burned down lock, parish church, brewery, yard tavern and some messuages. The population had hardly recovered the first cases of plague already from the fright of the war, arose. Badly this illness in the entire yard Mark raged.

1650 became the yard Mark of Hans Albrecht Viehbeck of andto Haimbhausen climbing ore. Its daughter married the realm baron Maximilian Ernst von Götzengrien. He let a lock with pretty baroque front build at the lakeshore. The park was put on in the French style and equipped with Fontänen and vases.

From 1731 to 1869 Tutzing belonged to the Viereggs, one outMecklenburg coming count family. In particular count Friedrich von Vieregg owes the Tutzinger lock a generous transformation, which took place in the years 1802 to 1816.

local parts

economics and infrastructure

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Economics as well as land and forestry

1998 gave after the official statistics within the range to the land and forestry 32, in the producing trade 941 and within the range trade and traffic 245 liable to social security persons employed at the work place. In other economic sectors 1050 persons were liable to social security busy at the work place.Liable to social security person employed at the residence gave it altogether to 2682. In the processing trade there were six enterprises, in the building main trade of nine enterprises. Besides existed in the year 1999 43 agricultural enterprises with a agriculturally used surface of 1086 hectars, of it were 151 hectars of area of arable land and 925 hectars of continuous green area.


Tutzing is attached to the rapid-transit railway net of the MVV and to the regional traffic of the course. In the summer months Tutzing is started by the Bavarian sea-going vessel travel. The total road system amounts to 66.8 km

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