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Flagge Tuvalus Wappen Tuvalus
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Wahlspruch: Tuvalu mo width unit Atua
(Tuvaluisch for „Tuvalu for the allpowerful “)

office languages Tuvaluisch, Kiribati (Gilbertesisch), English
Capital Vaiaku on Funafuti
head of state queen Elizabeth II.
Governor general Filoimea Telito
head of the government Maatia Toafa
surface 26 km ²
number of inhabitants 11,636 (conditions July 2005 estimated)
population density of 447.5 inhabitants per km ²
independence 1. October 1978
currency Australian dollar
time belt UTC +12
national anthem Tuvalumo width unit Atua
Kfz characteristic TUV
Internet TLD .tv
preselection +688
Standort Tuvalus
Eine Landkarte Tuvalus

Tuvalu (in former times Ellice Iceland) is a constitutional monarchy and member of the Commonwealth OF nation. Capital is Funafuti and seat of the government the village Vaiaku lain on this atoll. Tuvalu is in9 islands arranged. On German Tuvalu means “eight islands “.

Tuvalu lies in the southwest of the Pacific ocean, east of Papua New Guinea and north of New Zealand. To the surrounding islands the Salomonen , Nauru , Kiribati , Tokelau belongs, Samoa, whale-read and Futuna, Fiji and Vanuatu.

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Tuvalu is an island chain, consisting of 9 islands:

  • Nanumea
  • Niutao
  • Nanumaga
  • Nui
  • Vaitupu
  • Nukufetau
  • Funafuti
  • Nukulaelae
  • Niulakita

geographical seen does not belong to Niulakita to Tuvalu (why Tuvalu also “eight islands” beduetet, although there is nine).

The islands Funafuti, Nukufetau, Nukulaelae, Nui and Nanumeaatolls, circular corral reefs, are which enclose a lagoon. On Nanumea there is even a fresh water pond, which for atolls is extremely rare. The other four islands are collections from the sea. The vegetation consists mainly of Kokospalmen.

On all islandstropical, hot climate prevails, with an average temperature of 30 degrees Celsius. The rainfalls are violent and begin usually between November and February. Taifune sweep 1990 occasional over the islands, last.

There the islands at their highest point onlyfive meters over the sea level lie, are on the fact to be counted that them due to the global heating up in the course 21. Century to be inundated [1]. The government tried already as a precaution to request for its population in New Zealand and Australia asylum,which for all inhabitants Tuvalus was rejected by both states. New Zealand explained itself however ready to accept annually 75 tuvalunische emigrants.

It gives also plans to the government the population in the future closed on Fiji - island Kioa to evacuate. Thoseconnected with it costs should take over the industrial nations as causers of the climatic heating up. “If the culture of the Polynesian island state to live on is to pull, must the 9,000 Tuvaluer together on an island”, explained government advisor [2].

Also by erosion of the beaches those sink altogether9 islands Tuvalus gradually in the sea. Already humans have to fight there ever more frequently with inundations. The production of drinking water and the production of food became additional by the salting due to the sea water ever more with difficulty.Largest place Tuvalus is the capital Funafuti.

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Tuvalu has 11,468 inhabitants, ethnical ranks the Tuvaluer among the Polynesiern, which form about 94% of the population. The 600Inhabitants on the island Nui are to a large extent descending from Gilbertesiern (Mikronesiern).

36% of the population are old until 14 years, from 15 to 64 years are it 59%, over 64 are only 5% the inhabitant. 51,55% of the population are women. The growth rate amounts to 1.45%, whereby the birth rate is with 23,31 per 1000 inhabitants and the mortality rate with 8,84 per 1000 inhabitant. The infant mortality is with 2,7%. The life expectancy of the population are 63.61 years(Men: 62.44 years, women: 64.84 years). 7% the inhabitant are illiterates.

All demographic data are on the conditions of 1997.


national languages are Tuvaluisch and English, which are represented on all islands both, as well as upthe island Nui the Kiribati (Gilbertesisch).

The Tuvaluisch is a Polynesian language and has from island to island different dialects and no uniform writing. The English was brought by British colonizing on the islands.

Tuvalu means on Tuvaluisch eight belonging together, regarding the eight islands, of which Tuvalu consists geographically.

the Christian Church OF Tuvalu belongs to religion 97% of the population, since 1968 is independent and was derived from the EnglishChurch. Thus the Tuvaluer is to be understood as Protestanten. Besides there are to still isolated nature religions, Adventisten and Bahai.


due to the language research one proceeds from a settlement before approximately 2000 years, particularly thatIslands Tokelau and Samoa of the Polynesiern.

The first European discoverer was Alvaro de Mendaña de Neyra from Spain. It segelte 1567 /68 westward over the Pacific, sighted the island Nui and called at that time it Islas del Jesus. Inthe future the islands were rather coincidentally discovered by Tuvalu and continued to consider not by their discoverers.1819 discovered the American Arent de Peyster, Kapitän of a British trading vessel, the island Funafuti and called it Ellice Iceland, after the buyerand owners of the freight Edward Ellice. The name Ellice Iceland use for the entire island chain found later.

In the further decades came ever more European to Tuvalu, mainly because of whale-catching and the slave trade. Into the 1860ern broughtone 400 humans of Tuvalu as workers to Peru. Others were kidnapped on Plantagen of the surrounding islands. Many inhabitants died also at bring along diseases. 1861 begin the Christianisierung with the first Missionar on the islands. The German company Godeffroy& son from Hamburg began the first trade relations with the inhabitants. 1877 came Tuvalu under the name at that time Ellice Iceland under British administration and became 1892 part of the British protectorate Gilbert and Ellice Iceland. 1915 became the islands officiallya colony of the British Empires.

In the Second World War the Japanese conquered the Pacific until Kiribati, on Tuvalu landed however the Americans first. They established airfields and defense shelters on the islands Funafuti, Nukufetau and Nanumea. All three islands becamefrom the Japanese bombards, however without large damage. After end of war the British with Tuvalu and the islands Kiribatis conquered by the Japanese formed the colony Gilbert and Ellice Iceland again.

Into the 1950ern Niulakita was integrated to Tuvalu. 1974 plannedthe British the dismissal of the colony into independence with the installation of an own government. But soon thereafter the Tuvaluer pushed on its own independence, in order not to land under kiribatischer administration. The British arranged a popular vote, whereby 92%the Tuvaluer for the fact it was correct that the Tuvalu islands are to form their own state. At the 1. October 1978 became Tuvalu a sovereign state with a constitutional monarchy and at the same time member of the Commonwealth. 2000 joined Tuvalu the United Nations .

Heads of state

reign Name dynasty life data
1837 - 1901 Victoria I. Hanover 1819 - 1901
1901 - 1910 Edward VII. Saxonia Coburg and Gotha 1841 - 1910
1910 - 1936 George V. Windsor (to 1917 Saxonia Coburg and Gotha) 1864 - 1936
1936 Edward VIII. Windsor 1894 - 1972
1936 - 1952 George VI. Windsor 1895 - 1952
since 1952 Elizabeth II. Windsor since 1926


Tuvalu is a constitutional monarchy. Head of state is the British monarch, at present queen Elizabeth II.A governor general represents the monarchies on the islands. This has however only representative tasks, similarly the Federal President in Germany.

The head of the government is a prime minister, who gives the guidelines of the policy. The prime minister is selected by the a chamber parliament, these appoints thenat the most five parliamentarians to its Ministers, of whom the cabinet consists.

The parliament, on Tuvaluisch putrefies to i Fono, has 15 places, seven islands places in each case two members, Nukulaelae a member. The parliament is selected directly by the people, everyone over18 is entitled to vote, elections take place every four years. Political parties do not exist in Tuvalu.

Tuvalu consisted originally of eight islands, the literal translation country names is called “eight belonging together”. Into the 1950ern Niulakita was added to the island federation, so that the name“Tuvalu” is no longer stimmig. Therefore there was quite often the discussion to rename the country in “Tuiva”, whereby “iva” for nine stands.


AsEB, Commonwealth OF nation, United Nations, ESCAP, International Telecommunication Union, Sparteca, SPC, UNESCO, UPU, WHO, World Trade Organization


most humans on Tuvalu live on the agriculture and the fishery. Main yields of the harvests are coconuts, water bread root, Kopra and bananas.

Further1,000 Tuvaluer are busy in the phosphate mines on Nauru. Many are hired also as sailors. On Funafuti there is particularly a school for the training of sailors. Main export goods are Kopra and stamps. Tuvalu imports particularly from Australia and FijiFood, petroleum products, building materials and industrial goods.

International admittingness reached Tuvalu by a lucky coincidence: By the ISO assigned the land characteristic, and concomitantly Top level Domain of Tuvalu are “tv”. The sales of the rights to these TLD at DotTV brought thatIsland state, beside world-wide headlines, also urgently needed 50 million US Dollar as well as further 5 million each further year.[3]. Only these incomes made possible it for the country to pay the entrance fee into the UN. In the meantime one is on Tuvalu howeverthe opinion that the country was pulled with the sales of the.TV rights over the table.


it gives a Radiosender to radio Tuvalu and a newspaper Tuvalu Echoes, which is published by the government.


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