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the UEFA cup (English: UEFA Cup) is beside the UEFA champions League the second at present delivered European Cup - competition of the European football federation UEFA. Selection crews of European cities played 1971 that since May 1955 around the fair cup, from that today as UEFA cup well-known competition forEuropean association crews came out.

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participating crews

to the participation in the UEFA cup (UEFA, union OF European football Associations) is successful cutting off inthe national championship necessarily. The best crews of the national football federations qualify itself for the UEFA champion League (colloquially also called king class), while the following crews are qualified for the UEFA cup. Like many crews on the one hand for the champions League and in the following for thatUEFA cup are certified, depends on the play strength of the respective league, which determines the UEFA in the UEFA Fünfjahreswertung. There successes of the participating crews are seized and credited with points to the responsible in each case national football federation. The credit notes take place thereby beyond the play years sequentially, considerbut in each case the European Cup competitions (champions League and UEFA cup) passed of the five years.

Thus a sum of points for each national football federation, which is held in a table, results. The three Bestplazierten (at present Spain, England, Italy) place in each case two crews, thosedirectly for the UEFA champions League are qualified. Two further know itself qualify for selbige, and again two crews qualify itself for the UEFA cup. Each worse placement in this five-yearly table leads to fewer starting points in both European Cup competitions. Football federations reduced far must their crews only throughthe UEFA cup qualification send.

In Germany at present the first two crews participate in the champions League, and third goes into the qualification for selbige. The teams at the places 4 and 5 are in the UEFA cup and sixth play in the UI-Cup.

Crews, thosein the qualification to the UEFA champions League or in the Vorrunde as the table third fail there, participate automatically in the UEFA cup; due to this fact the UEFA cup is called occasionally also spöttisch loser Cup. Likewise qualify for the UEFA cup itself the national Cup winners and the threeWinner of the UEFA Intertoto Cups. In addition qualify itself crews over the UEFA Cup qualification for the UEFA cup. In this qualification crews from countries, which stand in the five-yearly valuation in the lower range, start additionally also the winners of the Fairplay valuation.

Itself a crew for one should theseCompetitions „doubles qualify “(z. B. at the same time Cup winners and UEFA Cup place in the table), advance the following teams. That is, in the case from Germany would be the 6. still in the UEFA Cup and the 7. in the UI-Cup.

play mode

2004/05 was changed the format and for the first time oneGroup phase imported. After two qualification rounds 80 crews in and replay deny the first round, before the 40 victorious teams deliver afterwards the group phase. There are eight groups with in each case five crews. Each crew must complete four meetings, two at home and two outward.The three Erstplatzierten of each group deny the round of the last 32 with eight third the UEFA champion League Gruppenphase. Starting from this time it continues to go again with the traditional and replays, until the two final participants are finally certain.

Since 1998 the winner of the UEFA cup becomesin only one final game (before were there and replays also here) determines. The UEFA cup and a stately profit premium are entitled to the winner. Beside the sporty Reputation is lucrative the UEFA cup for the participating associations due to the television funds.

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UEFA cup winner after nations

UEFA-Pokal-Sieger nach Nationen

fair Cup winner 1955 to 1971

see major items: Fair cup

of final games of the UEFA cup since 1972

Season venue date winner opponent result remarks
2006/07 Hampden park, Glasgow n.b.
2005/06 Philips stadium, Eindhoven 10. May
2004/05 José Alvalade stadium, Lisbon 18. May 2005 ZSKA Moscow Sporting Lisbon 3:1 first Russian UC-winner
2003/04 Nya Ullevi, Göteborg 19. May 2004 Valencia CF Olympique Marseille 2:0 see also MC 1962 to 1964!
2002/03 Estadio Olímpico, Sevilla 21. May 2003 fiber plastics postage Celtic Glasgow 3:2 n.V. Play decided by Silver Goal.
2001/02 De Kuip, Rotterdam 8. May 2002 Feyenoord Rotterdam Borussia Dortmund 3:2 Dortmund also DM 2002, since 4. May!
2000/01 Westphalia stadium, Dortmund 16. May 2001 Fiber plastic Liverpool Deportivo Alavés 5:4 n.V. Through golden Goal /117 decided play. by self-gate.
1999/00 parks, Copenhagen 17. May 2000 Galatasaray Istanbul arsenal London 0:0 n.V. 1 Turkish Uefa Cup winner 4:1 after penalty shootout.
1998/99 Luschniki stadium, Moscow 12. May 1999 AC Parma Olympique Marseille 3:0
1997/98 prince park stadium, of Paris 6. May 1998 inter Milan Lazio Rome 3:0

the Cupsieger are fat written.

Season venue date home crew guest crew result remarks
1996/97 park stadium, gel churches 7. May 1997 fiber plastics Schalke4:1 wins 04 inter Milan 1:0 Schalke after penalty shootout.
Giuseppe Meazza stadium, Milan 21. May 1997 inter Milan fiber plastic Schalke 04 1:0 n.V.
1995/96 olympia stadium, Munich 1. May 1996 fiber plastics Bavaria Munich Girondins Bordeaux 2:0
park Lesure, Bordeaux 15. May 1996 Girondins Bordeaux fiber plastic Bavaria Munich 1:3
1994/95 Ennio Tardini stadium, Parma 3. May 1995 AC Parma Juventus Turin 1:0
Giuseppe Meazza stadium, Milan 17. May 1995 Juventus Turin AC Parma 1:1
1993/94 seriousness Happel stadium, Vienna 26. April 1994 sports association Casino Salzburg inter Milan 0:1
Giuseppe Meazza stadium, Milan 11. May 1994 inter Milan sports association Casino Salzburg 1:0
1992/93 Westphalia stadium, Dortmund 5. May 1993 Borussia Dortmund Juventus Turin 1:3
depression Alpi, Turin 19. May 1993 Juventus Turin Borussia Dortmund 3:0
1991/92 depression Alpi, Turin 29. April 1992 AC Turin Ajax Amsterdam 2:2 Amsterdam wins due to the Auswärtstore
olympia stadium, Amsterdam 13. May 1992 Ajax Amsterdam AC Turin 0:0
1990/91 Giuseppe Meazza stadium, Milan 8. May 1991 inter Milan AS Rome 2:0
olympia stadium, Rome 22. May 1991 AS Rome inter Milan 1:0
1989/90 Stadio Comunale, Turin 2. May 1990 Juventus Turin AC Florenz 3:1
Stadio Partenio, Avellino 16. May 1990 AC Florenz Juventus Turin 0:0
1988/89 San Paolo stadium, Neapel 3. May 1989 SSC Neapel VfB Stuttgart 2:1
Neckarstadion, Stuttgart 17. May 1989 VfB Stuttgart SSC Neapel 3:3
1987/88 Sarria stadium, Barcelona 4. May 1988 Espanyol Barcelona Bavarian 04 Leverkusen 3:0 Leverkusen wins 3:2 in the penalty shootout
Ulrich Haberland stadium, Leverkusen 18. May 1988 Bavarian 04 Leverkusen Espanyol Barcelona 3:0 n.V.
1986/87 Ullevi, Göteborg 6. May 1987 IFK Göteborg Dundee United 1:0
Tannadice park, Dundee 20. Mai 1987 Dundee United IFK Göteborg 1:1
1985/86 Santiago-Bernabéu-Stadion, Madrid 30. April 1986 material Madrid 1. Fiber plastic Cologne 5:1
olympia stadium, Berlin 6. May 1986 1. Fiber plastic Cologne material Madrid 2:0
1984/85 Sóstói, Székesfehérvár 8. May 1985 video clay/tone Székesfehérvár material Madrid 0:3
Santiago Bernabéu stadium, Madrid 22. May 1985 material Madrid video clay/tone Székesfehérvár 0:1
1983/84 park Astride, Brussels 9. May 1984 RSC other-thirst one Tottenham Hotspur 1:1 Tottenham wins 4:3 in the penalty shootout
White hard Lane, London 23. May 1984 Tottenham Hotspur RSC other-thirst one 1:1 n.V.
1982/83 Heysel stadium, Brussels 4. May 1983 RSC other-thirst one Benfica Lisbon 1:0
stadium of the light, Lisbon 18. May 1983 Benfica Lisbon RSC other-thirst one 1:1
1981/82 Ullevi, Göteborg 5. May 1982 IFK Göteborg Hamburg sports association 1:0
people park stadium, Hamburg 20. May 1982 Hamburg sports association IFK Göteborg 0:3
1980/81 Portman Road, Ipswich 6. May 1981 Ipswich Town AZ Alkmaar 3:0
olympia stadium, Amsterdam 20. May 1981 AZ Alkmaar Ipswich Town 4:2
1979/80 Bökelbergstadion, Moenchengladbach 7. May 1980 Borussia Moenchengladbach unity Frankfurt 3:2 Frankfurt wins due to the Auswärtstore
forest stadium, Frankfurt/Main 21. May 1980 unity Frankfurt Borussia Moenchengladbach 1:0
1978/79 red star stadium, Belgrade 9. May 1979 red star Belgrade Borussia Moenchengladbach 1:1
Rhine stadium, Duesseldorf 23. May 1979 Borussia Moenchengladbach red star Belgrade 1:0
1977/78 Furiani stadium, Bastia 26. April 1978 SECONDS of Bastia PSV Eindhoven 0:0
Philips stadium, Eindhoven 9. May 1978 PSV Eindhoven SECONDS of Bastia 3:0
1976/77 Stadio Comunale, Turin 4. May 1977 Juventus Turin Athletic Bilbao 1:0 Juventus wins due to the Auswärtstore
San Mamés stadium, Bilbao 18. May 1977 Athletic Bilbao Juventus Turin 2:1
1975/76 Anfield, Liverpool 28. April 1976 fiber plastics Liverpool fiber plastic Brügge 3:2
olympia stadium, Brügge 19. May 1976 fiber plastics Brügge fiber plastic Liverpool 1:1
1974/75 Rhine stadium, Duesseldorf 7. May 1975 Borussia Moenchengladbach fiber plastic Twente Enschede 0:0
Diekman, Enschede 21. May 1975 fiber plastics Twente Enschede Borussia Moenchengladbach 1:5
1973/74 White hard Lane, London 21. May 1974 Tottenham Hotspur Feyenoord Rotterdam 2:2
De Kuip, Rotterdam 29. May 1974 Feyenoord Rotterdam Tottenham Hotspur 2:0
1972/73 Anfield, Liverpool 9. /10. May 1973 fiber plastics Liverpool Borussia Moenchengladbach 3:0 the play to9. May had to be broken off because of rain
Bökelbergstadion, Moenchengladbach 23. May 1973 Borussia Moenchengladbach fiber plastic Liverpool 2:0
1971/72 Molineux stadium, Wolverhampton 3. May 1972 Wolverhampton of Wanderers Tottenham Hotspur 1:2
White hard Lane, London 17. May 1972 Tottenham Hotspur Wolverhampton of Wanderers 1:1

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