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Karte der USA mit Namen der US-Bundesstaaten, Hawaii und Alaska sind hier anders skaliert.

map of the USA with names of the US Federal States,
Hawaii and Alaska are here differently scaled.

ABC since State of capital
aluminium 1819 Alabama Montgomery
AC 1959 Alaska Juneau
AZ 1912 Arizona Phoenix
ACRE 1836 Arkansas Little skirt
APPROX. 1850 California Sacramento
CO 1876 Colorado Denver
CT 1789 Connecticut hard Ford
DE 1789 Delaware Dover
flat steel bar 1845 Florida Tallahassee
GA 1789 Georgia Atlanta
REAR ONE 1959 Hawaii Honolulu
ID 1890 Idaho Boise
IL 1818 Illinois Springfield
IN 1816 Indiana Indianapolis
IA 1846 Iowa The Moines
KS 1861 Kansas Topeka (Kansas)
KY 1792 Kentucky franc away
LA 1812 Louis IANA Baton Rouge
ME 1820 Maine Augusta
MD 1789 Maryland Annapolis
mA 1789 Massachusetts bad clay/tone
MI 1837 Michigan Lansing
MN 1858 Minnesota Saint Paul (Minnesota)
ms 1817 Mississippi Jackson
MO 1821 Missouri Jefferson town center
MT 1889 Montana Helena
NE 1867 Nebraska Lincoln
NV 1864 Nevada Carson town center
NH 1789 New Hampshire Concord
NJ 1789 new jersey Trenton
Nm 1912 new Mexico Santa Fe
NY 1789 New York Albany
numerical control 1789 North Carolina Raleigh
lp 1889 North Dakota Bismarck
OH 1803 Ohio Columbus
of OK ONE 1907 Oklahoma Oklahoma town center
OR 1859 Oregon Salem
Pa 1789 Pennsylvania Harrisburg
RI 1790 Rhode Island Providence
sports club 1789 South Carolina Columbia
SD 1889 South Dakota Pierre
TN 1796 threshing floor lake Nashville
TX 1845 Texas Austin
UT 1896 Utah salt Lake town center
sign 1791 Vermont Montpelier
VA 1789 Virginia smelling moon
WA 1889 Washington Olympia
WV 1863 west Virginia Charleston
LIKE 1848 Wisconsin Madison
WY 1890 Wyoming Cheyenne

a US Federal State is one (at present) of the 50 Federal States, which form the United States of America with the District OF Columbia.

On the flag of the United States the 50 stars represent the today's states, while the 13 stripsfor the founder states stand.

There is a clear separation of the powers between the individual US Federal States and the federation: According to the condition of the USA the federation possesses only those legislative authority, which became to transfer it by the condition clearly, the remainderfalls into the competence of the member states.

Four of these states - Kentucky, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Virginia - carry the formal designation Commonwealth, without from it further rights or obligations would develop - contrary to the US Commonwealth Territories Puerto Rico and the northern Marianen.

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with the American declaration of independence of 4. July 1776consisted of England the USA first of 13 states (in clammy one the respective signers of the declaration):

  • New Hampshire, (Josiah Bartlett, William Whipple, Matthew Thornton)
  • Massachusetts, (John Hancock, Samuel Adam, John Adam, Robert Treat Paine,Elbridge Gerry)
  • Rhode Island, (Stephen Hopkins, William Ellery)
  • Connecticut, (Roger Sherman, Samuel Huntington, William Williams, olive Wolcott)
  • New York, (William Floyd, Philip Livingston, Francis Lewis, Lewis Morris)
  • new jersey, (smelling pool of broadcasting corporations stick clay/tone, John Witherspoon, Francis Hopkinson, JohnHard, Abraham Clark)
  • Pennsylvania, (Robert Morris, Benjamin Rush, Benjamin Franklin, John Morton, George Clymer, James Smith, George Taylor, James Wilson, George Ross)
  • Delaware, (Caesar Rodney, George READ, Thomas McKean)
  • Maryland, (Samuel Chase, William Paca, Thomas Stone,Charles Carroll OF Carrollton)
  • Virginia, (George Wythe, smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Henry Lee, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Harrison, Thomas Nelson, Jr., Francis Lightfoot Lee, Carter Braxton)
  • North Carolina, (William Hooper, Joseph Hewes, John Penn)
  • South Carolina, (Edward Rutledge, Thomas Heyward,Jr., Thomas lynch, for Jr., Arthur Middleton)
  • Georgia, (to Button Gwinnett, Lyman resound, George whale clay/tone)

the thirteen states formed first only a loose confederation of states, held together by the Konföderationsartikel. A Federal State originated in only with the entry into force of the US condition to 4. March 1789. With this year 12 of the establishment states is registered in the table. Rhode Island ratified the condition only 1790. With the acceptance the 13 states stepped the land gains divided before among them to the condition between Appalachen and Mississippi to thoseUnion off, so that there gradually new states could be formed.

Already 1791 were formed for Vermont from one before between New York, New Hampshire and Massachusetts contentious area the four tenth state, i.e.. 1792 became with Kentucky firstState west the Appalachen in an educated manner, thus beyond the settlement border for white ones, valid in the colonial ages. In the 1783 conquered areas the States of threshing floor lake, Ohio, Indiana, Mississippi, Illinois and Alabama were formed from 1796 to 1819. Louis IANA became already 1812 approximately overthe 1803 in an educated manner by France bought city new Orleans.

So that and with the 1821 taking place establishment of Missouri, the first state, which is appropriate completely west Mississippi, the weight shifted in favor of the states slave-holding. Therefore 1820 became from thatnortheast land reserve in an educated manner of Massachusetts the Federal State Maine as free state. Arkansas and Michigan as state slave-holding and/or free were briefly successively taken up. 1845 separated that 1819 from Spain bought Florida Federal State, likewise Texas, the 1836 from Mexicohad (except the 13 establishment states the only one, which was not formed from a territory, which before already belonged to the USA). As reconciliation for these two slave states 1846/48 Iowa and Wisconsin were taken up.

The victory over Mexico in by thoseAnnexion Texas' released war threatened to bring the equilibrium from the balance, if Mexico were annektiert completely and on its territory new states slave-holding were formed. Therefore „only “about half of the country was annektiert.

After the gold finds 1848 inthe population grew again acquired California so fast that it was already taken up 1850 as the first state at the Pacific to the union. With Minnesota and Oregon two further free states were taken up, Kansas became 1861 after bloody fights only scarcelyas State of slave-holding member, one the trip for the civil war.

1861 withdrew eleven Southern States from the union, which of president Abraham Lincoln was not permissible regarded as and to the civil war led. The question whether individual States of a rightto the secession of the union of the United States would have, up to the outbreak of the war of secession one discussed. The profit of the war by the union-faithful north states led to the conviction that they do not possess this right. 1863 became (not completely condition-conformal) from thatin the Appalachen part of the abtrünnigen Virginia a new state lain in an educated manner, west Virginia. In the west the Mormonenstaat Utah was taken up.

Nearly the whole west in states was organized from 1867 to 1890. Colorado became 1876, exactly 100 years afterSigning of the declaration of independence, its own Federal State and carries therefore the pointed name “Centennial State”. The Indian territory was likewise taken up 1907 as Oklahoma state, as last ones of the 48 territorially connected states 1912 Arizona and new Mexico to the union.

1959became that 1867 of Russia bought Alaska as well as the 1898 annektierte Hawaii (first state outside of the continent America) as last states of members of the union.

Not as state the District OF Columbia, the Federal Capital Washington, D.C. is organized.Of themInhabitants participate not in the elections to the congress, select however the president also. The northern Marianen and Puerto Rico are as above mention Commonwealth territories. Their inhabitants do not rank as US citizens, are however among the federal organs, so long not entitled to vote themtake their domicile in one of the states. The population Puerto Ricos expressed itself several times in populars vote against the admission into the union as state.

US Federal States in the order of their entry:

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