of these articles treats the place Uddevalla; for the Swedish municipality Uddevalla see Uddevalla (municipality).

Uddevalla is a city in the Swedish province Västra Götalands län and the historical province Bohuslän. Uddevalla, the largest city Bohusläns, is to about 85 km because of the delta of the river Bäveån in the Byfjord, north of Göteborg at the European route 6. Uddevalla has 29,810 inhabitants (2000) and is the principal place of the municipality of the same name.

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Uddewalla around 1700; from Suecia antiqua et hodierna.

Uddevalla got its city privileges 1498 ago. At that time Uddevalla lay in the Danish-Norwegian kingdom and was - due to its situation at the North Sea Coast - an important commercial town in the border trade between Sweden and Norway. But the city was also endangered by the numerous arguments between Sweden and Denmark. Thus it was down-burned 1519, 1564, 1611 and 1644 by Danish and/or Swedish troops.

1658 came Uddevalla to Sweden. In 18. Century experienced the city a further upswing than important commercial port for the wood and iron export and fishing port. By the opening of the Trollhättekanals lost Uddevalla at the beginning 19. Century a large part of his Handelsvolumens and stagnated. 1806 fell Uddevalla also a comprehensive city fire to the victim.

Only end 19. Century developed Uddevalla to a modern industrial city with above all textile and late shipbuilding industry. The crisis of the textile industry after the Second World War and the shipbuilding industry into the 1970er years introduces however a recent recession for the city.


bus station Kampenhof in Uddevalla

in the city fire of 1806 was destroyed almost the whole city. From the land development thereafter also much is not received, the largest part of the city centre originates from the post-war period. Older buildings still are at the outskirts of a town.

sons and daughters of the city

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coordinates: 58° 21 ' N, 11° 56 ' O


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